Spanking conservative politicians- Become woke about climate and CO2

Why conservative politicians needed the spanking they got in Britain, Wendell Krossa

Rishi Sunak, lost the election in Britain. He illustrates a significant mistake made by many conservative politicians over past years, including the otherwise brave Danielle Smith, premier of Alberta. They engage some pushback against the madness of Net Zero Decarbonization, arguing the pace is too rushed and we will still need fossil fuels for some time yet. So slow down, eh.

But then they quickly turn on their heels, pivoting to affirm- But yes, there is a “climate crisis” and we must do something about “dangerous climate change”. Meaning, eventually cut off entirely the human use of fossil fuels.

What the fuck, eh? Do something? Have none of them ever looked at the most basic facts in climate science? Especially the “physics of CO2” and the fact that the CO2 warming effect is now “saturated” (a physics term). Listen to the most credible of atmospheric physicists- Richard Lindzen, William Happer, and others (posting their research at They are telling us that the CO2 effect is now saturated (i.e. the ability of more CO2 to operate in a narrow range on the long-wave infrared spectrum, absorbing and instantly re-emitting energy to make a very minor contribution to warming. This ability is now saturated).

So the climate physicists tell us that even a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere from today’s 420ish ppm to 800 ppm would not contribute much, if anything, to any further warming.

Conclusion? “Do something about fossil fuel emissions”? No, we don’t need to do anything except just adjust/adapt to whatever climate does and become fully woke to the fact that plentiful and cheap fossil fuels are critical to enable humanity to make such adaptations. So stop the irrational and insane war on carbon. C’mon, Danielle. Do some basic research on the fundamentals of climate science.

There is no good scientific reason to tax carbon or decarbonize our societies. Add here, to counter the insanity of alarmism over warming, that 10 times more people still die every year from cold than die from warming (Lancet study). Cold, not warming, is the great threat to life. Media- Where are you on these facts? And what about the hugely beneficial addition of 15% more green vegetation to the world since 1980, due to more aerial fertilization from the basic food of plant life- CO2? More food for animals, increased crop production for humanity. Again, media where are you on these critical facts?

The “madness” of climate alarmism. Yes, as related to Charles Mackay’s “Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”, as well as Douglas Murray’s more recent “The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity”.

Panic-mongering madness, Wendell Krossa

For three decades, hysterical climate prophets of doom have battered public consciousness with panic-mongering, beyond Chicken Little levels of lunacy, that the all-time “end of days” is nigh. This highly irresponsible and profoundly religious crusade of climate alarmism has traumatized the minds of entire populations, especially harming young people with fear, anxiety, fatalism regarding their futures, escapism, nihilism, even drug addiction- .

Climate crisis alarmism has rendered populations susceptible to irrational salvation schemes like Net Zero decarbonization that are causing mass-suffering and ruining societies to “save the world”. Oxymoronic salvation as “destroying the world to save the world”.

The panic-mongering has been obsessive compulsive and incessant over normal summer weather, the hot spells that we all enjoy, especially here in Canada, because they warm cold Canadian lakes to sufferable levels of low-grade hypothermia (i.e. exhibited in the pained shout from cold-shock as you surface after jumping in).

Despite the massive benefits of the 1 degree C warming over the past century, 10 times more people still die of cold every year, than die of warming (Lancet study- ). Cold, not warming, is still by far the great threat to life. Where are the climate alarmism media on this?

And to hammer down the incredible lunacy of the “climate crisis” crusade, join me in shaking our heads at the climate alarmists who have demonized CO2 as a “pollutant/poison”, the food of all life that over past millennia has been at starvation levels- .

CO2 levels sank to 180 ppm just some 20,000 years ago, barely above the level at which all life dies (150 ppm). Now with a slight recovery of this critical life-molecule over past centuries there has been a 15% increase in green vegetation across the Earth since 1980, as formerly gasping-for-food plant life can now flourish again. This slight restoration of basic plant nourishment has resulted in more food for animals and increased agricultural production for humanity. A huge benefit to all life. But we could benefit even more with a restoration of CO2 levels to the thousands of ppm that were normal and natural for most of the Phanerozoic history of life.

All to say, kids- It’s going to be alright. Don’t be afraid. Climate is doing just what climate always does- changing nonstop. There is no stasis in this highly complex, dynamic system. So we adapt just as we always have. And what is happening today is not unusual. It is not “worst on record”, as media daily harangue about.

See also these reports from the best of atmospheric physicists at “”-*CO2%20estimates%20during%20the%20Earth’s,higher%20than%20today’s%20400%20ppm.

This recent example of the ongoing climate madness… Note that we only understand climate today when we place our modern era in the larger context of climate- whether within the past millions of years of paleoclimate, or in the context of our Holocene interglacial, or comparatively within the last centuries/decades of climate change. Then we see that nothing in climate change today is the “worst on record”. It’s just normal summer weather.

“CNN Goes ‘Mann Overboard’ on Eastern US Heatwave”, Chris Martz at Climate Realism, June 20, 2024

“Editors Note: This guest essay from meteorologist Chris Martz talks about how CNN uncritically reposted statements from embattled climatologist Michael Mann in an interview discussing summer a heat wave that has been forecast for the eastern half of the United States. The media has been promoting heat wave hysteria nearly continuously for the past two weeks. Mann made some wild claims about the heatwave that Martz completely debunks and falsifies simply by looking at past temperature records for cities highlighted by CNN. Mann, as a “distinguished professor” should have checked the data himself, but instead chose to turn a normal run-of-the-mill summer heatwave into a “climate crisis” without any actual evidence, and CNN posted it as fact, rather than the unjustified speculation that it is.

“CNN’s Brianna Keilar interviewed their number one climate czar, Dr. Michael Mann from UPenn, yesterday, to discuss how this week’s “brutal” and “unprecedented” heatwave is being fueled by global warming and is a taste of our future….

Someone should tell these people that this is what a glimpse of SUMMER looks like. There is nothing unprecedented or all that unusual about this heatwave. Not by summer standards nor by June standards….

“No daily records are in [the] forecast for any of those locations. This week’s heatwave does not compare to those of June 1936, 1944, 1953 or 1988.

“Completely and totally ignorant of our weather history. Clowns.” (see lists of past heat records for the cities mentioned in the CNN report at the link above)

The Totalitarian’s formula- “Fear=control”, Wendell Krossa

What is this irresponsible and irrational thing in us to alarm others with wildly exaggerated tales of threats and then to try to control others as in getting people to submit to our cockamamy salvation schemes that ruin life. Whether we scare one another with the age-old burden of demanded offerings to appease angry forces or spirits, or the equally primitive obligation to make sacrifices to appease threatening forces/gods. We are seeing exactly this in the state-coerced return to primitivism that is pushed on us today in “de-development, de-growth” schemes to appease “vengeful Gaia, angry Mother Earth/Planet, punitive Universe, or payback karma”, backed with the promised utopia where “you will own nothing and be happy eating bugs” (former WEF slogan- my paraphrase).

The propensity to climate and other forms of alarmism is especially pathological when evidence is overwhelming that life has been improving across the millennia, and most notably over the past few centuries. Yet so many of our fellow humans still ignore or outright deny such evidence to embrace the great lie of life declining toward some version of looming apocalypse- the greatest delusion in history. (Spoiler explanation: “Our fellow humans” are simply responding to what resonates with deeply embedded “archetypes” in their subconscious. Hence, what they hear today in alarmism narratives just “feels right”. When some modern prophet of doom states that life is declining toward “existential crisis” and ending/apocalypse, and so we must do something to save life, to save the world, well, it has the ring of truthiness. When people hear some contemporary version of that primitive narrative of “lost paradise/decline toward apocalypse/redemption” they intuitively respond with affirmation- It just seems right and true.)

Continuing with above comment on “de-growth”…

The natural world has always been imperfect, even a “wicked old witch” with nature “red in tooth and claw”. But we have been wildly successful in solving natural problems, in adapting to whatever nature throws at us and the evidence is clear, for example, in that “Over the past hundred years annual climate-related deaths have declined by more than 97%”. See Bjorn Lomborg-

This site explores the core themes in narratives, notably the themes embedded in our public narratives from the very beginning that endlessly incite fear/alarm, and still dominate modern narratives both religious and secular. Because the same old themes have been made subconscious archetypes, when modern alarmism prophets speak their narratives of doom resonate with populations, deform people’s consciousness, incite the survival impulse, and render so many of our contemporaries susceptible to “madness of crowd” salvation schemes like Net Zero decarbonization.

This site offers alternative themes to construct new narratives of hope in humanity’s compassion, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities.

Insert note on the early origins of religion as a tool to incite fear and produce submission to the atonement schemes of shaman/priests: See John Pfeiffer’s “The Creative Explosion: An Inquiry Into the Origins of Art and Religion” that illustrates how fear-mongering was central in the earliest emergence of religion.

And a “secular” example- H. L. Mencken: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary”, (In Defense of Women).

My faith in the fundamental goodness of people continually revives my hope that we will learn from the current eruptions of social contagion alarmism in climate change hysteria, resurging Marxism (threat from capitalist civilization), and Woke Progressivism (i.e. “end of democracy” hysteria, AI alarmism), among other strains of anti-humanism.

What we learn?: The hysterical exaggeration of elitist alarmism crusades eventually evokes revulsion in most commoners- i.e. revulsion at the exaggeration of problems and rejection of evidence on the true state of life, the irrationality of salvation schemes to solve imagined “crises”, and the horrific damage that is the outcome of apocalyptic-scale hysteria. Then hopefully, our experience of living through “madness of crowds” episodes will eventually result in a return to common-sense across populations.

Added note:

It’s going to be alright? Yes. Once again (and is this my purpose in life- to promote Simon says?), go to the “single best book ever written” by Julian Simon- “Ultimate Resource: Natural resources… pollution… world’s food supply… pressures of population growth… Every trend in human material welfare has been improving- and promises to continue to do so, indefinitely.”

And note his conclusion that, yes, there are problems everywhere in life on this imperfect planet but we have been doing amazingly well in solving problems, adapting to the harsher elements of life, and overall making life better over the long term. And therefore we ought to hold a party to outdo all parties to celebrate how well we have done. As Simon says, “We are more creators than destroyers”.

He is pointing to the wonder of being human. See also Nobel laureate John Eccles on “The Wonder of Being Human: Our Brain and Our Mind”, among his other books celebrating humanity.

Simon’s data needs updating and many have followed him and done that, notably Desrochers and Szurmak’s “Population bombed”. But Simon’s principles for discerning “the true state of life” are as up to date and critical as always. Moreso than anything else out there. The principles? 2 that are critical to good science… (1) Include all the evidence on the full big picture of any element of life and thereby counter any “confirmation bias”, and (2) include the full picture of the longest term trend associated with any element of life.

See also Greg Easterbrook’s “A Moment On The Earth”, especially the last 40 pages or so where he concludes that we, with human minds, are the best thing that has ever happened to life. Many others similarly affirm the same wonder of being human.

Enough of this anti-human pathology that demonizes and dehumanizes humanity. It’s a cancer on public consciousness- long embedded in our narratives and based on the primitive mythology that there was an original paradise that was ruined by early humans who became a fallen species and have subsequently degenerated in civilization (See “human degeneration theory” in “The Idea of Decline in Western History”, Arthur Herman). It is an entirely false myth that our ancestors were once pure and strong “noble savages” and that we have fallen from that original state to our current decline in civilization and we need salvation. The real story of life (this from Bob Brinsmead) is not how far we have fallen but how high we have risen from our primitive animal past.

Another note– My pokes at religion are not from some generally anti-religion or anti-religious spirit but more about discerning the good from the bad in any tradition, any movement, any ideology or system of belief. We have a history of fucking up good things with bad in the mix, so be discerning about what is truly human and what is anti-human or subhuman in anything. And what are the impacts on human consciousness and life? Bring discernment to everything with your own set of criteria informed by the best insights from our human rights codes, constitutions, Classic Liberal principles, good science, as well as the best of “spiritual traditions”.

Amy Hamm: What a refreshing voice.

Hamm was accused of being “transphobic” for expressing her advocacy on social and other platforms “to protect women and children from what she described as dangerous infringements into sex-segregated spaces”.

She has now found her true calling in exposing and pushing back against woke totalitarianism in Canada. Go Amy, go.

Her reference to Poilievre below illustrates the populism revolt emerging across Western nations in response to the collectivist totalitarianism of extremist Woke Progressivism that has tried to overthrow Western freedom and liberal democracy.

“Prime Minister Poilievre will make woke heads explode: Progressives will hold on to their cultural power tightly”, Amy Hamm, June 28, 2024,of%20Pierre%20Poilievre%20we%20all


“Not every Canadian has had an intimate experience with the wrath of progressive zealots — but they’re about to….

“The most fervent progressives — the wokes — have ruled the cultural roost in Canada for over a decade. During this time, we have seen that they are incapable of handling dissent or disagreement….

“We have a not-insignificant portion of our populace convinced that it is justified — rather than a terrifying throwback to the days of the Soviet Union — for a government to legislate censorship, to freeze the bank accounts of political dissidents, to enforce unscientific “public health” lockdowns and vaccine mandates, or to fund “anti-hate” groups that don’t fight hatred but instead monitor, harass, and defame Canadians with perfectly mainstream, legal views….

“(Woke Progressives) believe wholeheartedly that they are visionaries on an inexorable march toward their (bastardized) version of justice….

“These are people who peddle in victimhood and vitriol, and are accustomed to getting their way… When challenged, they are vicious and liable to form mobs….

“Toddlers. Toddlers throwing tantrums — because they’ve too often gotten their way. Toddlers who’ve internalized and accepted as normal the divisiveness exemplified by Trudeau’s Liberal government, and the audacity of a prime minister who shames his own citizens — “these people,” he said — as bigots for disagreeing with him.

“The politics of the last decade have nourished the contempt too many Canadian progressives have for diversity of thought and expression — and therefore for democracy itself.

“We can all see that a blue wave is coming (conservative populism) — but none of us should expect it to break gently. Canada is about to enter an era of tumultuousness like we have never seen.” National Post


These projects (anti-discriminatory DEI, anti-racism, affirmative action) begin as well-intentioned projects to correct past injustices- i.e. discrimination against minority groups. But then too often they go overboard/extremist and become new forms of injustice against other groups like the discrimination against Asian enrollment at Harvard and where blacks now exceed enrolment levels compared to their proportion/percentage in the general population.

These crusades are also too often accompanied by bullying against any who protest, with those who raise questions or dissent now smeared as “bigots, transphobic, haters, racists, etc.”. The affirmative action program, in its DEI version, has become part of the new “Woke Racism” (John McWhorter). Further, there is no included end-date for such programs such as when the proportions of minority groups included mirror the general population percentages. These projects become permanent fixtures in institutions and a new discrimination against some other excluded group.

“First Reading: BC library boasts of program to explicitly reject white job applicants: Discriminatory hiring is illegal, but not if the B.C. government gives you a special exemption for “equity” purposes”, Tristan Hopper, June 25, 2024,managers%20and%20executives%20since%202021.


“In one of the more unabashed examples of race-based hiring in the Canadian public service, B.C.’s Burnaby Public Library boasted in a recent report that by explicitly rejecting white applicants, they’ve been able to hire exclusively non-white managers and executives since 2021….

“In the interim three years, the library has advertised for five leadership positions, and for each they have only considered applicants who “self-identify as Indigenous, Black or a person of colour.”….

“But as per policy, any ethnicity or culture not meeting the guidelines had no chance. As per Davies’ report, a total of 84 white candidates applied for the five positions, only to have their applications rejected outright. In each instance, only non-white candidates advanced to the interview phase….

“Davies’ report to the board had praise for their efforts to build an “exempt staff group” free of white staff members.”

Here on Joe Rogan Experience episode 2168, similar to the Burnaby library situation above

Just after the 1 hour 22-minute mark, comedian Tyler Fischer recounts how acting agencies/talent agencies began telling him that though he was the best qualified for roles, because he was a straight white man they could not hire him. They were not hiring any more white guys, and it was “company policy”. He says that this was a “celebratory” boast coming from those agencies discriminating against him. Not hiring white guys. Discrimination based on skin color. Elon Musk recently noted the same issue with Disney.

Fischer now has an attorney representing him in a discrimination case because every race is protected under Civil Rights law.

This new Woke Racism is not liberalism anymore. It is regression to the ugliest forms of past racism. It is a rejection of Classic Liberalism with its primary principle of the equality and inclusion of everyone, equally. Equal rights for every individual no matter their skin color, sexual orientation, or any other personal factor.

Fischer’s explanation is good that he was pushed too far, this discrimination has gone too far (i.e. turned down repeatedly because of his skin color) and he is an “animal”. He has been through too much in his life. He states that he is willing to give up everything and now die on this hill. And he wants to fight for others who cannot fight such things.


Well, it took a long time but now even some in the leftist Progressive media are admitting what many conservatives/Classic Liberals have stated for decades- environmentalism has a close association with Marxism/Communism.

Wash Post Editorial Board Denounces ‘De-Growth Communism’ – ‘Ending Growth Won’t Save the Planet’”, Marc Morano, Climate Depot, June 25, 2024


“Climate Depot founder Marc Morano at least credited The Atlantic for saying “the quiet part out loud” in comments to MRC Business. “Net zero in the climate agenda is really nothing short of Soviet-style central planning. Every sector of our economy is subject to long range planning to meet net zero goals.”

“Morano saw right through The Atlantic’s ploy to mainstream psychotic climate change fanaticism and underscored what the real agenda is:

““Every sector of our economy is subject to long range planning to meet net zero goals. This agenda is nothing short of the rationing of energy food and transportation in order to create chaos and give the government more Covid lockdown like controls. After all, what was a Covid lockdown but the governments’ attempt at forcing degrowth on the world. We have truly entered the era of climate communism.”

“The Atlantic: Is America Ready for ‘Degrowth Communism’? – ‘Say goodbye, perhaps, to hamburgers, SUVs, & your annual cross-country flight home for the holidays’”

May 28, 2024


“The Atlantic – May 28, 2024: By Christopher Beam –Kohei Saito’s theory of how to solve climate change is economically dubious and politically impossible. Why is it so popular?

“Excerpt: The crazy idea is “degrowth communism,” a combination of two concepts that are contentious on their own. Degrowth holds that there will always be a correlation between economic output and carbon emissions, so the best way to fight climate change is for wealthy nations to cut back on consumption and reduce the “material throughput” that creates demand for energy and drives GDP.

“The degrowth movement has swelled in recent years, particularly in Europe and in academic circles. The theory has dramatic implications. Instead of finding carbon-neutral ways to power our luxurious modern lifestyles, degrowth would require us to surrender some material comforts. One leading proponent suggests imposing a hard cap on total national energy use, which would ratchet down every year. Energy-intensive activities might be banned outright or taxed to near oblivion. (Say goodbye, perhaps, to hamburgers, SUVs, and your annual cross-country flight home for the holidays.)

“You’d probably be prohibited from setting the thermostat too cold in summer or too warm in winter. To keep frivolous spending down, the government might decide which products are “wasteful” and ban advertising for them. Slower growth would require less labor, so the government would shorten the workweek and guarantee a job for every person.

“Saito did not invent degrowth, but he has put his own spin on it by adding the C word. As for what kind of “communism” we’re talking about, Saito tends to emphasize workers’ cooperatives and generous social-welfare policies rather than top-down Leninist state control of the economy. He says he wants democratic change rather than revolution—though he’s fuzzy on how exactly you get people to vote for shrinkage. This message has found an enthusiastic audience. Saito’s 2020 book, Capital in the Anthropocene, sold half a million copies.”


Why do they lie about most everything now?

“Why Do They Lie About Extreme Temperature Deaths?”, Kip Hansen, June 25, 2024


“In a recent News Brief I pointed out that the major climate alarm propaganda cabals [CCNow, Inside Climate News] would be flooding the main stream media outlets all around the world with the news that in the Northern Hemisphere, where the majority of humanity lives, it is Summer and summers tend to be hot….

““Heat is the leading weather-related cause of mortalities in the US, outpacing deaths from hurricanes by a factor of eight to one, and this summer’s record-breaking temperatures, worsened by the human-caused climate crisis, have led to fears a new annual high death toll will be set in 2023.” [The Guardian]

“Many mainstream media outlets are pointed to the NOAA data set “Weather Related Fatality and Injury Statistics”. And, there it is, irrefutable proof from a gold-standard source, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service, that heat kills far more than cold….”

But then Morano includes this data..

“Extreme temperatures kill 5 million people a year with heat-related deaths rising, study finds [The Guardian]

“Selectively quoting from that piece is common practice, despite the fact that there is a sub-headline that reads: “More people died of cold than heat in past 20 years but climate change is shifting the balance.”…

“More exactly: 9.43% of all deaths were related to non-optimum temperatures. Of the same 5 million, 8.52% were cold-related and 0.91% were heat-related. Again, over 8.5 percent of deaths are cold-related and only 0.9 were heat related — that is almost 10 times as many cold-related deaths than heat related deaths….

“Interestingly, during the 2000-2019 period examined in the study, while heat-related deaths rose, deaths from cold exposure fell. And they decreased by a larger amount than the increase in heat-related fatalities. Overall, researchers estimated that approximately 650,000 fewer people worldwide died from temperature exposure during the 2000-2019 period than in the 1980s and 1990s.”

“Bluntly, in the recent twenty years studied, about 650,000 lives were saved by the slow and steady warming of the climate 2000-2019….

“As the planet heats up, the number of heat exposure deaths increase and fatalities due to cold decrease. The rate of decrease in deaths owing to cold is faster than the rate of increase in deaths due to heat. And so on balance there then appear to be fewer temperature exposure deaths.”…

“Author’s Comment:

“There is overwhelming publicly available data and published in-depth peer-reviewed studies, published even in journals known for their pro-climate-alarmist bias, that establish that cold, low temperature, even moderate cold, kills far many more people than high temperature….

“But, rank propaganda is based on the simple process of repeating the same lie over and over and over until it is accepted as truth.”

He then includes the links for combatting the climate alarmism lies.


Climate Change Weekly: #510: International Climate Conference Debunks Science and Policy Consensus Claims, H. Sterling Burnett, June 28, 2024

“The Heartland Institute partnered with the Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) and the U.S.-based Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) to hold a two-day climate conference on June 14-15 in Vienna, Austria. This was the 16th International Conference on Climate Change…

“An international group of scientists, including Nicola Scafetta, Ph.D., Willie Soon, Ph.D., Nir Shaviv, Ph.D., and Henrik Svensmark, Ph.D., discussed the role the sun and cosmic rays play in warming and climate change. William Happer, Ph.D., described the role that clouds play in radiation transfer. Roy Spencer, Ph.D., discussed the idea that temperature extremes are becoming more common. Taylor, Craig Rucker, and Nobel Prize laureate John Clauser, Ph.D., each discussed how climate alarmists and the media are lying, either directly or through omission of key facts, to promote the idea of climate emergency in need of a big government fix—and discussed ways to successfully debate and debunk their claims….

“To a packed house at the conference hall in Vienna, I (Taylor) set the stage for presentations by some of the world’s most accomplished climate scientists and climate policy experts. I explained how climate alarmism is a Trojan horse for the global left to consolidate money and power in global government institutions while depriving us of our most basic freedoms….

““No chance” was the key takeaway from a presentation by Dr. Will Happer. Happer and a colleague, W. A. van Wijngaarden, Ph.D., published a paper in 2020 showing the atmosphere has nearly reached its carbon dioxide saturation point. Carbon dioxide impedes the flow of longwave radiation to space within a specific spectrum range. At current atmospheric CO2 levels of approximately 420 parts per million, atmospheric CO2 is nearly saturated, meaning nearly all potential warmth retention from atmospheric CO2 has already occurred, such that additional CO2 emissions will have almost no impact on global temperatures…. That is good news for people worried about future climate change, and should end the debate about any future climate change crisis….

And this also from Climate Change Weekly- “Average and Peak Summer Temperatures Warmer in the 1930s than in Any 10-year period since”,

“Using data from the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), 24/7 Tempo produced a ranking of summer temperatures by decade from June through September, for 1895 to present. They looked at the NCEI’s data for each summer month over the past 129 years, and averaged them by decade, pulling out the high temperature year in each decade….

“The data show that the decade of the 1930s—not either of the first two decades of the 21st century, which have been declared the hottest ever by climate alarmists—registered the hottest summers, and the highest average summer temperature by year.”

“The highest single year’s summer temperature was also measured in the 1930s: 1936, at 85.73℉. The second warmest single summer year was 2012 at 85.37℉; 1988 was the 3rd warmest summer year on record.”

Jordan Peterson interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one of the “bravest people alive”, and who, in her latest work, has started a foundation to make the case for the absolute necessity for the foundational assumptions of Western Society.

Around the 9-ish minute mark Peterson asks her what is behind all the insanity of today. What is this great “subversion” that she talks about. She responds that we have seen this before, this “cultural Marxism” in its varied new fronts that wants to bring down all the structures of Western society. So also, she states that Islamism wants to destroy the West more directly through terrorism. There is a collusion between the Islamists and neo-Marxists. Others have pointed this out, how they benefit one another even without some formal association. Others have also noted the Green/Red alliance of Marxism and Environmentalism to bring down Western industrial civilization.

The answer, as she argues in her book and forum, is the “Restoration” of all those Western ideas, structures, institutions that have protected freedom and all we value. Classic Liberalism or liberal democracy.

There has been interesting comment recently on the informal alliance between Islamism and Marxism today– whether formally intentional or unintentional. It could be more just the shared belief in similar goals- i.e. the destruction of Western civilization.

“How terrorists took over academia”, Jesse Kline, June 23, 2024


“The bodies of Israeli civilians who were slaughtered by Hamas were still warm when celebrations broke out on the streets of Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa on October 7. Almost immediately, National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), an umbrella group that co-ordinates its chapters at universities throughout North America, sprung into action…

““Over eight months later, we’re starting to understand who has been organizing and funding the anti-Israel campaigns on university campuses. The picture being painted is not of a grassroots, student-led movement to support the Palestinian cause, but of an intentional, co-ordinated effort to build support for Iran’s global terror network among western youth and those responsible for educating future generations.

“On June 15, the Post ran an illuminating feature on the history of the campus anti-Israel movement written by intrepid reporter Ari Blaff. As the piece details, SJP was started in 1993 by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian… Bazian explicitly rejected a two-state solution, and instead bought into the nascent Hamas movement’s call for the total destruction of the Jewish state. He also skilfully adopted the language of the progressive left, framing jihadist goals in Marxist and social-justice terms designed to gain support within academia…

“There is now a wealth of evidence that the groups leading the student protests have ties with Hamas and other jihadi organizations that form Iran’s “resistance front.”” National Post

Good points here from Bari Weiss’ Free Press. This affirms the failure of immigration under multi-culturalism without a strong element of “assimilation to the Classic Liberal values of Western societies”. Note below the author’s comment on the relationship of Islamism with Western “Wokeism” and how Wokeism is enabling violence.

“Islamism Killed My Partner. Why Won’t the West Fight It?: My daughters have grown up without a father because of an ideology that Western politicians now often refuse to name”, Carine Azzopardi, June 18, 2024


“On the evening of November 13, 2015, I recorded a video of my partner, Guillaume, laughing and dancing round the living room with our two daughters, aged four and seven. Just a few minutes later, he left our apartment in eastern Paris to go to the Bataclan concert hall.

“A rock critic who wrote under the name Guillaume B. Decherf, he loved nothing more than good music, and was excited about seeing Eagles of Death Metal that night….

“But I was worried. A journalist myself, I knew that Reuters had alerted the public to the potential threat of Islamist attacks. And concert halls had long been considered targets: their sole aim—to give pleasure—makes them particularly offensive to jihadis. I warned Guillaume, but he was determined: he told me life must go on in the face of bigotry, and I would never have stood in his way.

“Two hours after he left, an alert popped up on my phone: “Massacre at the Bataclan.”…

“After Guillaume’s death, I needed to know exactly why he was taken from us. So I dedicated my journalism career to trying to understand the ideology of the people who killed him….

“I couldn’t stay silent. A couple of months into the trial, I wrote a column. “Ideology has an essential place in a terrorist trial,” I argued, “because terrorism is the choice to use violence in pursuit of a political cause, in this case Islamism.” I explained that the terrorists believed Islamic law should govern all public life, including in France. I said they directly opposed our country’s constitutional secularism, its laïcité (secularism)….

“(As one Muslim lady told her) “The laws of my religion supersede those of your Republic.”…

“Islamism is winning a global publicity battle partly because it has found an ally in a phenomenon that was born in America: a phenomenon we call le wokisme. For the last few years, I’ve been tracing the links between these two ideologies, trying to understand how wokeism, which purports to have noble aims, has ended up enabling violence….

“In the wake of October 7, when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, massacring 1,200 and kidnapping more than 200, we saw how successful this rationale has been in shutting down the critics. Even in the face of this evil, the Western world seemed uncertain: Was this a terrorist attack, or a valiant act of resistance by an oppressed people? The West soon made up its mind, as demonstrators flooded the streets in cities across Europe and America calling for the destruction of Israel.

“The eagerness to defend Islamists in the U.S. is especially shocking…. Now, in the same city (New York), 10/7 is being used as a rallying point to support terrorists who have the exact same aims (as those who destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11).”

“Can America’s memory really be so short?”

This is a very interesting analysis of Trump by Jordan Peterson, psychologist. Not flattering but very interesting. I have felt the same, sort of a revolting personality at times but “necessary” for the world that we live in today??

Note his comment on “no wars… the Abraham Accords…” that are still holding up. Why no praise for these amazing accomplishments of Trump? Most people allowed media to infuse them with such hysterical Trump Derangement Syndrome (Orange Monster, Hitler) they could not do any sort of rational analysis as Peterson does here.

Richard Landes in his history of Marxism, Nazism, and environmentalism (“Heaven On Earth”) detailed how these apocalyptic alarmism crusades start to fail and the leaders, in desperation at the obvious looming failure, then refuse to acknowledge defeat and give up, but instead “double down” on their crusade, even shifting into the dangerous and violent phase of “exterminate or be exterminated”.

“Climate change craziness has a new target and it’s more shocking than ever: Having struck out with consumers, businesses and at the ballot box, green advocates are moving on to a shocking new tactic”, Stephen Moore of Creators Syndicate, June 30, 2024


“Things aren’t going well at all for the global warming crusaders. Despite hundreds of billions of tax dollars spent on green energy over the past decade, the world and America used more fossil fuels than ever before in history last year.

“The electric vehicle movement is stalled out, solar and wind power are both still fringe forms of energy, and the green candidates got crushed in recent elections in Europe because voters are sick of the higher prices associated with green policies.

“So, having struck out with consumers, businesses and at the ballot box, now the greens are moving on to the courts….

“The end game of lawsuits against states and oil and gas companies for using or producing energy because of alleged damage to the environment could bring about abolition of fossil fuels through the back door of the nation’s courthouses.

“But what none of these judges or litigators take into account is the catastrophic economic effects of NOT using fossil fuels. As an example, the Left wants to abolish air conditioning, which requires electricity, which mostly comes from fossil fuels. But air conditioning saves tens of thousands of lives a year. What about the millions of jobs that would be wiped out with no fossil fuels? How many thousands of Americans would die in hospitals, or assisted living centers, or day care centers, or schools if the lights go out with no fossil fuel power plants?

“Fossil fuels have saved millions more lives over the last century than they take. They make Americans much richer and safer and happier and healthier and more mobile. Meanwhile, there is no evidence backing up the absurd claim by teenagers that if Hawaii stopped using fossil fuels, the state’s weather conditions would improve.

“Will judges take that into consideration when they try to rob Exxon and coal companies of their profits for the sin of making life on earth much better?”

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