Who do state elites/bureaucrats and mainstream media really serve?

Section topics:

(1) Tilak Doshi on the absurdity of the global warming narrative and lawfare to reduce CO2 emissions when 10 times more people die of cold every year than die from heat.

(2) Chris Morrison on the threat of mass-death if Net Zero is fully implemented in our societies. Fortunately, there are signs the decarbonization madness is falling apart as many realize the horrific damage it is causing.

(3) Danielle Smith (Alberta Premier) on the real cost of Net Zero (i.e. the battery storage issue).

(4) And a good discussion by Walter Kirn and Matt Taibbi on the exposure of the Woke Progressive bias at NPR by editor Uri Berliner. The NPR situation illustrates the same bias in most mainstream media that have abandoned true journalism to become loudspeakers for state propaganda.

(5) Richard Lindzen and William Happer on celebrating CO2.

(6) Discussion group posts on the Joe Rogan interview of Tucker Carlson- episode 2138 of JRE on Spotify. They cover some very interesting topics from aliens to elite control of government that has abandoned “consent by the governed”. Meaning, we don’t really live in liberal democracies any more. Add the comment of Carlson that most politicians are “terrified” of the intelligence agencies.

(7) A report showing changes in temperature precede increases in atmospheric CO2 and natural changes in CO2 far exceed human emissions. My conclusion- there is no good reason to tax carbon or decarbonize our societies.

(8) Bill Maher praises Ron DeSantis. Huh? Holy Moly, what is the world coming to? And more….

We hear the climate alarmism crusade described with terms like “lunacy, crazy, insane, absurd…” How else to define the irrational, irresponsible and dogmatic spirit that promotes this “profoundly religious movement” and its highly destructive “decarbonization” salvation scheme (to “save the world”).

Decarbonization is one front in a larger political, ideological, environmental crusade that is promoting “de-development, de-growth, de-industrialization, de-pretty much everything of progress in the modern world”. Advocating for a return to primitivism but only for the common folk (“You will own nothing, and you will be happy eating bugs”), while dominating elites continue their obsession with controlling and debasing all aspects of our lives. Ah, it takes the psychologists to analyze and unravel this elite lunacy- as in “the psychopathology of left-wing authoritarianism”, or “the narcissism of left-wing totalitarianism”, etc.

Doshi always good on countering “absurdity” with scientific fact


“Climate Change And The Law: The Absurdity Escalates: I analyze energy economics and related public policy issues”, Tilak Doshi, April 21, 2024

Quotes (see links to numerous sources quoted in the link above):

“In an astonishing verdict, Europe’s highest human rights court ruled on April 9 that countries must better protect their citizens from “the consequences of climate change.”… the court sided with a group of women called KlimaSeniorinnen or “Senior Women for Climate Protection.”

“The elderly Swiss ladies claimed that their lives were endangered by heatwaves caused by “climate change.”…

“The ECHR’s established law now requires no need for democratically passed legislation. Are we at an authoritarian point of inflection, where concerns about climate change are too important to be left to the will of ordinary people? Is the law the Trojan horse to breach the citadels of democracy?

“Is It Heat Or Cold?

“According to Worldometers, Swiss women have the world’s fourth-highest life expectancy of 86 years…

“Worries about “heat waves” in the cool temperate climes of Western Europe might also seem rather farfetched. The Earth has experienced slight and mostly beneficial general warming since the end (around 1850) of the Little Ice Age – when famine and starvation affected much of Europe…. Not mentioned in court were inconvenient facts such as the statistics comparing deaths from excessive cold to those from excessive heat. As Kip Hansen points out, a simple Google Scholar search on heat versus cold deaths has the following responses:

“In UK regions, cold-related mortality currently accounts for more than one order of magnitude more deaths than heat-related mortality (around 61 and 3 deaths per 100,000 population per year, respectively). In Australian cities, approximately 33 and 2 deaths per 100,000 population are associated every year with cold and heat, respectively. Between 2000 and 2010, 3.9% of the total mortality was attributed to cold, and 1.2% to heat.”

“In another study of “the global, regional, and national mortality burden associated with non-optimal ambient temperatures” published in The Lancet – Planetary Health, it was found that, “…9.43% of all deaths were cold-related and 0.91% were heat-related.” That is, cold killed more than heat by over a factor of 10. Curiously, the elderly Swiss ladies seem far more afraid of heat than cold, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is the cold that kills far more often….

“What The Elderly Swiss Ladies Have Wrought

“Climate lawfare is now a well-established route to avoid the checks and balances of democratic legislation. It subverts the legal system of a country, often with the help of activist judges, to impose the ideological preferences of an elite of the climate industrial complex on wider society….

“That popular vote against radical climate policies is now neutered and ordinary people have effectively been silenced….

“Even as deaths from extreme weather events have been reduced by 98% over the past century, the West’s obsession over reducing CO2 emissions at any cost never ceases to amaze those not convinced by what the eminent physicist Richard Lindzen called the “absurdity of the conventional global warming narrative.””

Full on Net Zero= billions dying?


“From The Daily Sceptic: How Many Billions of People Would Die Under Net Zero?”, Chris Morrison, April 22, 2024

“BBC oddball Chris Packham has hit back at claims reported on Neil Oliver‘s GB News show that half the world’s population could die if Net Zero was implemented in full….

“This would appear to be the same Chris Packham who told the Telegraph in October 2010 that there were too many humans on the planet, and “we need to do something about it”…. Hydrocarbons, meanwhile, have led to unprecedented prosperity and health, unimaginable to previous generations, across many parts of a planet that now supports a sustainable population of humans numbering eight billion.

“Of course, Net Zero is not going to kill four billion people because Net Zero is never going to happen. Day-by-day, support is crumbling around the world as the political collectivisation project, supported by increasingly discredited computer-modelled opinions, is starting to fall apart as it bumps into the hard rock of reality….

“The four billion dead noted on GB News came from a remark made by Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the original founders of Greenpeace. Interviewed on Fox News, he said: “If we ban fossil fuels, agricultural production would collapse. People will begin to starve, and half the population will die in a very short period of time”. Four billion dead if artificial fertiliser is banned is not ‘BS’, it is an almost guaranteed outcome. In a recent science paper, Emeritus Professors William Happer and Richard Lindzen of Princeton and MIT respectively noted that “eliminating fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertiliser and pesticides will create worldwide starvation”….

“Much of the luxury middle class Net Zero obsession is based on a seeming hatred of human progress. It is a campaign to push back the benefit of mass industrialisation… It is narcissism on stilts and based on an almost complete ignorance of how the food in their faddy diets arrives on their plates. It shows a complete disregard for the central role that hydrocarbons play in their lives….

“Leaving fossil fuels in the ground will mean the following products will largely disappear… (See graphic with list at link above)…

“Alec Epstein, the author of the best-selling book Fossil Future, agrees that Net Zero policies by 2050 would be “apocalyptically destructive”, and have in fact already been catastrophically destructive when barely implemented….

“There is no realistic technology currently available, or likely in the foreseeable future, to back up power sourced from the intermittent breezes and sun beams….”

“Chris Morrison is the Daily Sceptic’s Environment Editor”.

Note: Here is the science paper by Lindzen and Happer referred to by Morrison…


My God, this woman is so good- Danielle Smith the premier of Alberta. This is just a minute long but a brilliant exposure of the Net Zero delusion. In this brief clip she presents the math on battery storage and costs. It just does not work. As the latest Net Zero Watch newsletter on Britain notes- the government has no clue about the real costs of Net Zero. This is a disaster unfolding and there is incredible denial from climate alarmists of how they are destroying societies. When will this “madness of crowds” eruption end?


More on today’s great war for freedom from tyranny/domination by powerholding elites

Today Kirn and Taibbi continue to discuss the exposure by NPR senior editor Uri Berliner that NPR was no longer about journalism but had become more a propaganda arm for Woke Progressive leftism. And this is representative of the larger media corruption and what is going on in our wider cultures. They note this issue as related to NPR’s new CEO Katherine Maher.

“America This Week April 19, 2024: To Build a Surveillance State” Walter Kirn, Matt Taibbi.


My posts to a discussion group on this edition of America This Week from Taibbi and Kirn.

“Some great quotes, notably on Katherine Maher’s defense of the Woke Progressive environment at NPR, all so illustrative of the larger free speech and individual freedom issues at stake in our societies. Good points that what Maher is really concerned about is power, her worship of power, her belief in domination by authority, and the narratives that are defined by elite powerholders to control all others, to control the commoners, the populists and to silence any dissent to the dominant powerholder narratives. Such good comment here on what is going wrong in our societies and the totalitarian war against freedom coming from inside our societies.

“Here are some quotes from the Taibbi and Kirn’s latest “America Weekly” discussion. This is the world we live in today and Tucker Carlson is right that this is not democracy. We (too many of us) have done just what the police supervisor said to his new recruits serving under the Nazis in Holland (Netflix movie “Will”)- “You will stand by silently and observe”. Or will you? We are, as Shellenberger warns us constantly, already too passively allowing ourselves to be subjected to a new totalitarianism worse than any before because it is trying to control our language and thereby our thoughts (the 1984 Orwell thing).”

“Quotes from below- Kirn, Taibbi discussion on Maher the new NPR head, the same corruption of news/information has occurred across all media that have become just mouthpieces for state propaganda.” Wendel Krossa

First some Taibbi/Kirn comments on interviews of Katherine Maher explaining her view of Woke Progressive ideas and narratives (see full transcript of discussion at link above):

“It was a sincere exposition of self, and it happens that that self appears to be entirely formed by lectures, TED talks, textbooks, and very insular conversations with people just like herself because her English, if I’m to analyze it as a literary critic, shows no sign of personality. It is a true melange or collage of buzzwords, received attitudes and nostrums and maxims from an academic leftism that you expect to see on campus but don’t expect to see people seriously espousing as their own thinking. But her own thinking is an interesting construct for me because, as I say, it does not appear to come from a human individual, but from a party pamphlet filtered through a person who’s having all the same problems personally that we’re having socially.

“In other words, whiteness, for example, seems to be something that she’s thinking about every day in almost every interaction. Patriarchy seems to weigh heavily on her even while having coffee. She doesn’t have the same problems that you and I have, and I think she represents what happens and what will happen once we no longer have free speech, once everything is a canned recitation of reverential, pre-approved political statements.”

Maher used to be head honcho at Wikipedia. They add this re the corruption of Wikipedia- “then it became a fiercely regimented sourcing mechanism that dramatically narrowed the field of what you can see…. it amplifies voices and points of view at the exclusion of others…”

They then quote Maher on her views of the necessity for human rights to be limited at scale, that we can no longer have the same rights to freedom, to free speech, at the world scale of the internet. We have to have “governance” that protects from the “harm” of such rights (i.e. rights to free speech). And they try to understand her logic that is no logic, in such arguments. Why can’t we have the same rights at the scale of larger populations???

They continue analyzing her TED talk where she argued against there being some fundamental truth…

“It’s completely self-canceling. So there’s no truth. Beliefs and facts somehow need to be merged, but we’re going to rule out certain beliefs and prefer certain ones over others…. And what she’s finally saying is, “It’s what I say it is.” I mean, it’s really Animal Farm. “There is no truth, but some truths are more equal than others.”

“Walter Kirn: And she talks about the search for common ground as though that’s the Acme of truthiness. But when you look at what she’s doing at NPR, it has nothing to do with common ground. It has to do with a very exclusive, rather elitist view of things. So, claiming on the one hand to be completely tolerant, and on the other hand to be a trusted voice are incommensurate values.

“Matt Taibbi: And this comes to the sort of dichotomy, the problem, the paradox of the modern anti-disinformation movement, which is that it purports to be about truthiness and accuracy and anti-disinformation, insists that it’s not about censorship, but it cannot square that with what its actions are. So, when actually forced to enunciate its beliefs, which they don’t actually often do, which is interesting, they say some things that are very strange.

“Walter Kirn: So, what we’re seeing, if we look at this writ large, is a transfer of the concept of rights from the individual to the institution. If I were to give a name to her philosophy, it’s institutionalism. And what’s being preached here is the authority and legitimacy of institutional opinions, thoughts, and pronouncements versus those of the individual. She’s basically saying, “Screw your freedom to say things. You are free to receive statements from the top, and from our preferred list of sources,” and so on.

“Because remember, what Wikipedia really essentially does is rate those sources which are worthy of inclusion in an article, and then stitch it all together in this bland way. So, she’s proclaiming the era of the institution over the individual. And saying that you have a right to knowledge is actually an incredibly sinister concept. It means that you have the right to be a recipient of our orders, our wisdom, our statements, but you don’t have a right to speak back.”

And then they respond to Maher’s corruption of journalism at NPR with these comments:

“Walter Kirn: Yeah, to a broadcast network that is about truth. That’s not about consensus, that’s not about institutional synthesis, but finding out something that’s either real or not. And to me, as much as she respects the genius of the Wikipedia model, and its sort of post-freedom consensus and institutional protocols, applying them to a thing like NPR is really a quantum leap. Because as I used to understand it, or still do, journalism is about discovering something that’s ineradicable.

“In other words, we don’t investigate the Watergate scandal by saying, “What do people think about it? What do people say about it?” And merge it. There’s a point at which things are obscure and somebody finds out what’s going on, and it’s either true or not, and it’s either real or not. You either got the document or you didn’t. You either heard the tape or you didn’t. You either got the quote or you didn’t. And that’s what journalism does. That’s not what online encyclopedias do.

“Matt Taibbi: And it is supposed to be a highly-individualized activity, where very often, if you’re reporting something, you may be going very much against the grain. You may be trying to report something that people massively disagree with or a consensus opinion, you may be going against that directly, and that’s sort of the whole point, is that we have this system where you put out information, it’s messy. There isn’t a consensus. We don’t agree even on who the authorities are. Sometimes somebody who has no credentials whatsoever turns out to be right, and everybody else turns out to be wrong. That’s just how it works out. They have-

“Walter Kirn: Well, Matt, Let me try to be even more trenchant and succinct. Journalism, as I understand it, is often about subverting authority. In general, it’s about holding authority to account. It’s about pointing out public lies. It’s about going against what’s being said officially to what is true privately. But by this model, we’re going to have a whole new kind of journalism. And we’ve had a new kind of journalism for a while now, a quasi-pseudo journalism, which is all about amplifying the institutional narrative and shouting down, and cutting down anything that might question it or even oppose it. So-

“Walter Kirn: Yeah, exactly. But this is kind of, I’ll call it authoritarian journalism, in which people have the right to hear the voices of their rulers to the exclusion of the voices of one another. And that being framed as a right is the most perverse inverted definition of rights I’ve ever heard. It’s like saying, “You have the right to wear the handcuffs we put on you. You have the right to listen to bullhorns in your right ear.”

They note that Maher is “outlining a world in their bland and verbose way that is actually more terrifying than we’ve seen described in the dystopian novels of the past… in Orwell’s world…”

They note that the new totalitarian control of speech, censorship, etc. is all framed as “protection”, as for our good (“the narcissism of left-wing authoritarianism, cruel compassion”).

“They’ve tried to present it as, ‘We’re being protecting you from disinformation and misinformation’”. (End of quotes)

They note this is not entirely a left-wing issue as people on the right also support varied censorship and related policies.

A post to discussion group re the above Taibbi/Kirn comments:

“This NPR shocker that went viral illustrates and exposes what is wrong with the entirety of mainstream media. Interesting side note- Joe Rogan said to Tucker Carlson recently (episode 2138 of JRE on Spotify) that mainstream media are fading as audience ratings continue to drop, and even liberal/Democratic listeners, tired of being lied to, are now turning with many others to alternative sources of news as in the podcast phenomenon. So the podcasters- whether “Free Press”, “Substack”, or “Public” with Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, Glen Greenwald, or others that post podcasts on YouTube like “Timcast URL”, “Valuetainment” with Patrick Bet-David, or Russell Brand, “The Rubin Report”, and so many more- these are now “mainstream news media”.

“I would continue to place this against the backdrop of the larger Woke Progressive totalitarian threat. Media, acting as loudspeakers for state Woke Progressivism gone extreme far-left, is just one of numerous fronts to the emerging and spreading collectivism in the latest surge of Marxism in Western liberal democracies. Part of the “long-march” or “long-game” approach of Marxists to undermine liberal democracies.

Another on the Uri Berliner exposure of NPR:


“5 things NPR editor exposed in stunning criticism of own employer’s liberal bias: Uri Berliner claimed an ‘open-minded spirit no longer exists’ at the taxpayer-funded outlet”, Brian Flood, David Rutz, Joseph Wulfsohn.

Richard Lindzen, William Happer on celebrating CO2

“Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup No. 595” Ken Haapala, April 20, 2024 (The Science and Environment Policy Project)


“Scope: Professors Lindzen, Happer, and Koonin have an essay asserting, with evidence, that carbon dioxide is essential for complex life on Earth and limiting emissions of greenhouse gases can result in mass starvation. Professor Howard Hayden discusses the failure of “climate scientists” to speak up when politicians make huge errors in presenting science…. Mark Mills discusses the “magical thinking” required to believe that the claimed energy transition will be easy or cheap.

“Essential for Life: The CO2 Coalition published a paper by Professors Richard Lindzen, William Happer, and Steven Koonin on the importance of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for life on Earth.
Amazingly, the UN, Washington, and the EPA rail against CO2 claiming imaginary harms it is causing including extreme weather events that have existed since the beginning of time….

“Wind and solar are expensive add-ons that fail to provide electricity twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. The failure of these politicized organizations to understand what they lack, and the parroting by the once skeptical press are breathtaking.

“The new paper, “Fossil Fuels and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) Climate Science” is divided into four sections, which are outlined on the first page (upper case is written)”…”

Some points from a list of benefits of CO2:

“B. More CO2, Including CO2 from Fossil Fuels, Produces More Food….

“D. Greenhouse Gases Prevent Us from Freezing to Death…

“F. “Net Zeroing” Fossil Fuels Will Cause Massive Human Starvation by Eliminating Nitrogen Fertilizer…”

Some points from a list of reliable scientific data:

“B. The Models Predicting Catastrophic Warming and Extreme Weather Fail the Key Scientific Test: They Do Not Work and Would Never Be Used in Science.

“C. 600 Million Years of CO2 and Temperature Data Contradict the Theory That High Levels of CO2 Will Cause Catastrophic Global Warming.

“D. Atmospheric CO2 Is Now “Heavily Saturated,” Which in Physics Means More CO2 Will Have Little Warming Effect.

“E. The Theory Extreme Weather is Caused by Fossil Fuels, CO2 and Other GHGs is Contradicted by the Scientific Method and Thus is Scientifically Invalid…


“The paper presents physical evidence of its assertions in graphs and citations that support the assertions. For example, the massive increase in cereal food production really began around 1950 with the widespread use of nitrogen fertilizer, which is being condemned by political officials and “environmental organizations” for producing nitrous oxide, a minor greenhouse gas. In effect, these individuals and organizations are promoting mass starvation.”

The conclusions state:

“1. CO2 is essential to life on earth. Without CO2, there would be no plant food and thus no human or animal life. And more CO2, results in more food for people worldwide and in drought-stricken areas.

“2. There will be disastrous consequences for the poor, people worldwide, future generations and the West if fossil fuels, CO2 and other GHG emissions are reduced to “net zero,” including mass starvation and loss of reliable and inexpensive energy.

“3. The IPCC is government controlled, and thus provides government opinions, not science.

“4. Science demonstrates fossil fuels, CO2 and other GHG emissions will not cause catastrophic global warming and extreme weather.

“5. There are enormous social benefits from fossil fuels, including cheap inexpensive energy and nitrogen fertilizer that feeds nearly half the world.”

Then some posts to discussion group re the Joe Rogan interview of Tucker Carlson (episode 2138 of Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify)

“In an era when we are repeatedly surprised by public revelations of how we have been propagandized, lied to, here is another brief one to consider (7 mins)- Tucker Carlson on Joe Rogan discussing Naval Intelligence Officer Bob Woodward who, without any journalism experience, is assigned to Washington Post to immediately get a huge story on Nixon (i.e. Watergate).

“Carlson says that it makes no sense but as an intelligence officer Woodward’s source was the number 2 guy at the FBI. Very interesting. Carlson details the occupations of all those involved in bringing down Nixon- i.e. intelligence officers, CIA employees, etc. As Carlson says, he initially believed how it was framed for the public- the heroic Woodward exposing corruption in power. That is what we were told. And he believed that narrative like most of us.

“I am leaning more and more to Dr. Drew’s comment- “I no longer believe anything media tell us, nor government”. And Jimmy Dore- “We are the most propagandized people and we don’t know it”.


Another post to discussion group re the Rogan interview of Carlson:

“Carlson makes the same point that Michael Shellenberger and others are now making… that elected officials do not control things but the intelligence agencies and state bureaucracies control the government. His point- This is no longer democracy and he is pissed because he believes in democracy.

“Again, the repeated note from Taibbi and others- this is the great threat today, coming from within our societies, a new totalitarianism.”


“One more tidbit from Rogan’s interview with Tucker Carlson- around the 2 hour 13 minute mark, they are talking about Alex Jones, who we all have seen rightly disciplined over his claims about the elementary school shooting being a fraud and how that hurt the parents of the children killed. Well, both Rogan and Carlson note that while they disagree with Jones and he has talked about some crackpot things, Carlson states that it is on tape that in the summer of 2001 Jones predicted that planes would fly into the World Trade Center and they would blame Osama bin Laden, so would someone please tell the White House. Jones stated that several times. So Carlson asks- How did he do that? Is that something supernatural? And Carlson asked Jones personally what that was about and Jones said- “It just came to me”. Strange stuff, eh.

“Their point is that even these crazies should have the right to speak, and Jones himself has admitted that he was wrong about the school shooting.”


“One more from near the end of the Rogan/Carlson interview… Both Trump and Biden refused to reveal all the documents regarding the Kennedy assassination even though the time limit has expired for revealing classified material (no one involved is still alive). Then someone who had read the files told Tucker Carlson some of the things that he had read in those classified documents. Carlson went public with that the next day (on Fox?).

“He then went quail hunting and while driving somewhere he received a call from Mike Pompeo’s lawyer, Pompeo being the former CIA director. It was a threat from the lawyer that revealing classified material was a federal crime. Carlson’s response to the lawyer- a government agency (CIA) that takes part in murdering a democratically elected president… isn’t that the worse crime? The lawyer did not respond further. Very interesting stuff.

“Carlson peppers his comments with lots of “I don’t know if that is fact… I don’t know what that means… I don’t know… etc. etc.”


“Carlson adds that members of Congress are terrified of the intelligence agencies, including members on the intelligence watch committees, and they have told Carlson that.

“As Carlson says- That domination and manipulation by the intelligence agencies is not compatible with democracy. Democracy is when the people rule, when they elect their representatives in elections, and send them to run the government on their behalf. When unelected people, unaccountable to anyone, are making all the biggest decisions, then you do not have a democracy. He would call it a tyranny. He says, no one does anything about the situation today because they feel threatened, they are all afraid.

“He says that he was talking just recently to someone very powerful in the US government and he was expressing his frustration that if everyone knows about all this corruption, why don’t they do something. He suggested to this person that most people have a lot of secrets to hide and so fear exposure by the intelligence agencies, and this person he was talking to agreed to that.

“His point- the government is not acting on behalf of the population and its only legitimacy derives from the citizenry (all that government does should come from the consent of the governed). Carlson’s point was that a government acting contrary to the will of it’s citizenry is illegitimate in a lot that it does.

“Also, some very interesting comment from Carlson on good and evil and such forces operating behind life. Again, peppered with “I don’t know” but some things just seem so obvious.

“Now, I would quibble with him that what he terms “evil” might have a lot to do with the animal inheritance in all of us. Solzhenitsyn’s real battle of good against evil that runs down the center of every human heart. Not so much viewing evil as some force that is independent of us and acting on us from outside. But rather something inside each of us. The freedom to choose the animal and not do the human thing.

“Interesting- his comment re House leader Mike Johnson, as a “nice but weak man”. Others have noted this Republican trend of going along with wars, with renewing FISA for spying on US citizens, etc. As he says, its not because Republican leader Johnson is evil but because he is weak and that allows himself to be used by evil.

“Good comment and illustrations of how we are spied on now, and how is this any different from former East Germany and other states that we all knew were so totalitarian. How are we any less propagandized today by state agencies and their media allies?

“And as time passes, these brave defenders of freedom and democracy continue to expose the inner workings of all this… with more surprises to come…

“Good ending to this Rogan/Carlson interview on what the climate alarmism is doing in empowering the people that are running that alarmism movement, and disempowering citizens”.

To back up what Carlson told Rogan


From Sterling Burnett’s “Climate Change Weekly #503: Official Temperature Data Isn’t ‘Data’ At All”, April 19, 2024

This article- “Human Impact on the Carbon Cycle Is Minimal”


“A recent study published in the journal “Sci” discusses a series of studies that have concluded rising carbon dioxide levels are a response to warming, rather than the cause of it. The author of the paper then proceeds to confirm this with his own analysis.

“Demetris Koutsoyiannis, professor emeritus in the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, reviews the findings of a several recent studies published across multiple journals, including studies in which Koutsoyiannis was a co-author, which “questioned the conventional wisdom that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration” is driving temperatures higher.

“The first papers in that series of studies undertook statistical analyses of the instrumental record over the past 70 years and concluded that changes in temperatures have preceded increases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations. The later studies analyzed the carbon cycle to confirm the conclusions of the earlier research, and also determined that “the natural [CO2] changes due to temperature rise in the last 65 years are far larger (by a factor > 3) than human emissions, while the latter are no larger than 4% of the total.”

“The new paper examines specific types of stable carbon isotopes to determine how the signature of carbon dioxide isotopes emitted by humans have shifted over time, how they are mixing with other isotopes, and what their impact has been on the overall carbon cycle and temperatures. Koutsoyiannis’ isotopic analysis from four observation sites led him to conclude improved carbon uptake is not being accounted for in models claiming CO2 increases are driving temperature changes, and that:

“The standard metric δ13C is consistent with an input isotopic signature that is stable over the entire period of observations (>40 years), i.e., not affected by increases in human CO2 emissions. In addition, proxy data covering the period after 1500 AD also show stable behavior. These findings confirm the major role of the biosphere in the carbon cycle and a non-discernible signature of humans.”

My conclusion from the above data, as stated often before: There is no good evidence of a “climate crisis” and hence no good reason to tax carbon or decarbonize our societies.

Reposting- keeping eyes open re those totalitarian shenanigans:

Those among us who want to vent their pathological impulse to control others, the totalitarian impulse, will begin by manufacturing fear of some purported “crisis/emergency”. They will incite people’s survival impulse, thereby rendering people more susceptible to their quick-to-follow “salvation” schemes (i.e. “save democracy, save society, save the world”).

H. L. Mencken: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary”.

This madness of insanely, irrationally exaggerated alarmism is beaten into our consciousness daily in media. Just note the endless stream of alarmist news titles using terms like “Catastrophic…. Existential emergency…. Crisis…. Worst on record…” and related terms to affirm apocalyptic prophesies that the “end-is-nigh”. All to implement the totalitarian’s formula- “Fear=Control”.

Bill Maher praising Ron DeSantis? What is the world coming to?

Just a few minutes long. Dave Rubin (Rubin Report) continues to trace the gradual awakening of noted Democrat Liberal commentator Bill Maher on what is happening on his side of society. Maher has continued to point out the craziness there, trying to call the far-left Woke extremists back to true liberalism. Starting around the 3-minute mark Rubin opens up with Maher’s last Friday show where he causes heads to explode with what he says in defense of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Maher acknowledges the pedophile problem in Hollywood is true. After many on the right were demonized as “conspiracy theorists… QAnoners”, just for pointing that issue out. Now Maher is admitting all this. Huh??

As Rubin says, Maher is helping the Progressives that make up his audience see that they are “bat shit crazy” hypocrites. Hope springs eternal.


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