The psychology of madness- Embracing destruction in the hope that paradise will follow

See new material at bottom of this opening section: More evidence of decarbonization destruction as people, desperate to stay warm, are deforesting areas of Europe. This destruction has been driven by intentional policies to block the human use of fossil fuels, thus creating a shortage of critical energy resources in an era of growing demand, and consequently resulting in higher prices and raging inflation. The poorest people suffer the most from this anti-fossil fuel crusade based on an apocalyptic narrative of “climate crisis”.

Also, another “The emperor has no clothes” award goes to Eric Worrall for his good response to a BBC alarmism piece claiming “millions- even billions” of people will migrate to escape global warming. To the contrary, people have always migrated to much warmer areas of the world and adapted well to much warmer climates.

Section topics:

1. The madness of crowds, MacKay;
2. Destruction as good? Comment on the irrational psychology of apocalyptic minds;
3. The destructiveness of decarbonization;
4. Exploding the myth of “climate crisis” with basic climate facts;
5. “The emperor has no clothes” award to Senator Malcolm Roberts for his Submission to the Australian government showing that “There has never been and there remains no factual, scientific basis for cutting or limiting the production of CO2 from human use of fossil fuels… There is no logical, scientific basis for government to introduce policies designed to reduce CO2 from human activity”;
6. Paleoclimate facts (the big picture, long-term context of climate);
7. More on “slay the monster”- Note the contradiction between Historical Jesus (died for protesting against the sacrifice industry) and Paul’s entirely contrary Christ myth (presented as the iconic supreme sacrifice), including posts from Bob Brinsmead on sacrifice;
8. Articles on “De-growth”, “De-development” (more on the destructiveness of decarbonization). The “return to primitivism” crusade of climate alarmism;
And more…

Quotes from “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Charles MacKay.

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”

“During seasons of great pestilence men have often believed the prophecies of crazed fanatics, that the end of the world was come. Credulity is always greatest in times of calamity. Prophecies of all sorts are rife on such occasions, and are readily believed, whether for good or evil. During the great plague, which ravaged all Europe, between the years 1345 and 1350, it was generally considered that the end of the world was at hand. Pretended prophets were to be found in all the principal cities of Germany, France, and Italy, predicting that within ten years the trump of the Archangel would sound, and the Saviour appear in the clouds to call the earth to judgment.”

“An enthusiastic philosopher, of whose name we are not informed, had constructed a very satisfactory theory on some subject or other, and was not a little proud of it. “But the facts, my dear fellow,” said his friend, “the facts do not agree with your theory.” “Don’t they?” replied the philosopher, shrugging his shoulders, “then, tant pis pour les faits— so much the worse for the facts!”

“Every age has its peculiar folly— some scheme, project, or phantasy into which it plunges, spurred on either by the love of gain, the necessity of excitement, or the mere force of imitation.”

Destruction as good?? Some comment on the irrational psychology of apocalyptic minds. Wendell Krossa

Understand how apocalyptic mythology works to destroy societies (A nod to Arthur Mendel’s conclusion that “apocalyptic is the most violent and destructive idea in history”- in his book “Vision and Violence”).

Apocalyptic mythology terrorizes people with the primal survival threat (“we’re all gonna die”) and that threat pushes people toward irrational thinking and the consequent embrace of insane salvation schemes that destroy societies. The salvation schemes of apocalyptic mythology often become projects of “self-fulfilling prophecy” that propel populations to embrace the destruction of their societies under the illusion of saving themselves (“destroy the world to save it”).

People panicked by apocalypse scenarios will embrace the salvation schemes offered by apocalyptic prophets because the prophets play on human hope for future survival in the restoration of some lost paradise or new utopia that supposedly emerges after the apocalypse.

Further, people are led to irrationally embrace the coming destruction from the apocalypse because they are told that the destruction of the present “corrupt” world is a necessary first stage before there can be the restoration of paradise. The apocalyptic complex of myths states that in order to achieve the salvation into the promised paradise that will be re-created in a post-apocalypse world, there must first be the great violent purging from the world of the present corrupt system, the “evil” system that threatens life (Arthur Herman notes this feature of “violent purging” in his history of Declinism ideology- “The Idea of Decline in Western History”).

Today, in the apocalyptic movement that is climate alarmism, the “threatening evil” is purportedly “damaging industrial civilization” as identified by the key indicator of CO2- i.e. CO2 as the marker of human consumptive excess (i.e. too many people enjoying life too much, consuming too many resources like fossil fuels, and thereby presumedly destroying the world).

Observe carefully the linkage between these key elements of apocalyptic movements- the hope for salvation and promised restoration of lost paradise but only after some claimed threat to life is fully destroyed and purged from the world. This helps to understand why “apocalyptic has been the most violent and destructive idea in history” (Mendel again).

The varied themes in apocalyptic mythology re-enforce one another in both religious and “secular” versions that dominate the narratives and consciousness of so many people across the world. Apocalyptic mythology appears rational and sane to true believers of the mythology. While others may wonder at the willingness of people to embrace the destruction of their livelihoods and societies, true believers see the evidence of destructiveness as affirmation that they are on the right track toward salvation. Destruction, as the purging of evil, presents reason to rejoice in the soon arrival of a promised paradise.

The “madness of crowds” in apocalyptic movements evokes wonder- How is it possible for apparently good, and normally rational people to fall for the insanity of apocalyptic movements? But then we remember that the same irrational patterns and outcomes have unfolded repeatedly in past apocalyptic movements- i.e. that many people were willing to suffer the destruction of their societies, leaving crops to rot in fields, as they went off somewhere to wait for the end of the world. Like the 1856-57 apocalyptic movement where the Xhosa of South Africa killed all their cattle (and crops) in the hope of a promised coming resurrection. I have personally observed such movements and destructive outcomes in Manobo tribal societies in Mindanao during the 1970-80s. The apocalyptic millennial scholars- Richard Landes (Heaven On Earth), Arthur Mendel (Vision and Violence), David Redles (Hitler’s Millennial Reich), Arthur Herman- offer other historical examples.

Fear, panic-mongering, inciting the survival impulse in populations- promotes the spread of irrationality throughout populations and the subsequent embrace of what most people would normally consider insane “salvation” schemes. We saw this last century in Marxist apocalyptic and Nazi apocalyptic movements- otherwise good people becoming caught up in the irrational madness incited by the apocalyptic narratives of their leaders and embracing the destruction of their societies. The participants in those movements were incited to endure destruction and suffering in hopes of a promised future utopia- i.e. the utopian Communist paradise in Marxism, the glorious Millennial Reich in Nazism. Again, see the research of the apocalyptic millennial scholars listed above.

Apocalyptic is the worst of primitive mythology and religion and it has dominated human narratives from the beginning. From the earliest written versions like the Sumerian flood myth, to Zoroasters’ formal apocalyptic theology, to the apocalyptic mythology of the later great world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), and now to the dominant Declinism ideology of today, a contemporary version of “secular/ideological apocalyptic” that we see in environmentalism and climate alarmism. Its all the same old primitive mythology still believed by far too many people, arguably by many of the 85% of humanity still affiliated with a world religion and most of the other 15% “unaffiliated” but still believing secular versions of the same apocalyptic myths.

Evidence of the still widespread belief in apocalyptic? Add the data from world surveys showing that most people across the world believe the myth of declinism- that “the world is becoming worse”. Decline or degradation toward a worse future, toward more corruption, collapse, and ending, is a key feature of apocalyptic mythology.

Unless you fix the problem at the root- at the level of bad ideas/ideology- you will continue to get endless eruptions of these destructive “end of days” movements. Hollywood loves this stuff and continues to pump it out to poison public consciousness, presenting apocalypse as a given fact. The reasoning is that because some form of apocalypse will inevitably occur, Hollywood versions of apocalyptic then focus on the hope for salvation- urging people to prepare for life in the post-apocalyptic world. That is irrational madness- to embrace the intentional destruction of human societies, causing immense human suffering and mass-death, all in the hope for some irrational vision of salvationist utopia.

Added note: The destructive purging of some evil, and the consequent human suffering that entails, also presents true believers with the opportunity to endure “suffering as redemptive”. Christianity affirms this thinking in its iconic Christ myth- i.e. that a good person must suffer a violent death in order to redeem mankind. These irrational ideas continue to permeate and distort human narratives and public consciousness. The apocalyptic Christ myth of Paul has been the most dominant influence keeping apocalyptic mythology alive in Western civilization.

See also comment below in this section on the Colorado Springs Gazette editorial noting that “climate change catastrophism” causes more harm and destruction than any possible climate change itself.

Another “Wakey, wakey” call, Wendell Krossa

This site probes the best available evidence to counter the apocalyptic insanity of today’s “climate crisis crusade”. I do so because of the danger of “self-fulfilling prophecy” in alarmist movements. People committed to the apocalyptic narrative (“the end is nigh… we’re all gonna die”) inevitably incite their survival impulse and that leads to abandonment of rationality and the embrace of highly irrational salvation schemes like decarbonization. Apocalyptic believers will even try to help the apocalypse come to fruition, some even look with joyous anticipation for the “end of days” in the belief that salvation is also nigh in the form of a post-apocalypse purged world (i.e. in contemporary apocalyptic mythology- a world purged of the “evil” of industrial civilization and too many people enjoying the good life). People then expectantly ready themselves for the suffering that will foreshadow the post-apocalypse emergence of the promised utopia for true believers.

These ideas have long shaped the major narratives of history’s most prominent institutions and movements, notably Christianity, Marxism, and Nazism, among others.

Other outcomes of apocalyptic movements- i.e. consequent to the belief that life is declining and soon to end, we then see the spreading of fatalism, resignation, despair/depression, and nihilism among populations. These attitudes wreak their own forms of damage in societies, both psychic and physical. We see this in people refusing to have children that they believe will suffer and die in the soon coming “end of days apocalypse”. And there is the nihilism (meaninglessness) now noticeable in traumatized children who wonder why they should go to school if they won’t live to reach adulthood.

We are currently enduring one of the most destructive apocalyptic movements ever in terms of damage to societies and human well-being- the decarbonization crusade being pushed across the world. Note the regular Net Zero Watch newsletters from the Global Warming Policy Forum and the regular reports on sites like and, among others. The insanity of the decarbonization crusade is that it is now being unmasked as the intentional destruction of industrial civilization- see the “De-growth… de-development” reports below.

This on the destructiveness of decarbonization…

“Unrealistic Net Zero Policies Cost Families Dearly”, by Vijay Jayaraj, Nov. 17, 2022

Unrealistic Net Zero Policies Cost Families Dearly

“… the root of the ongoing energy crisis (soaring energy prices) is unrealistic policies based on unscientific conclusions about climate, often drafted in plush European offices…

“The economic pressure on people in developing countries is even more serious. “Emerging and developing countries are most vulnerable to soaring energy prices,” says International Energy Agency Executive Director Fatih Birol….

“The fact that these countries have some of the greatest levels of impoverishment compounds the effect of price hikes – in some cases, a literal death blow for those who live below the poverty line of $2 per day.

““We are in the middle of the first truly global energy crisis,” Birol said. “Our world has never ever witnessed an energy crisis with this depth and complexity.”

“If they have the slightest regard for the well-being of families, leaders in the West must abandon their obsession with destructive policies that are damaging lives worldwide.”

This on the outcome of going green or adopting Net Zero decarbonization policies…

Highly developed countries Germany and Britain are already experiencing the devastation from decarbonization and they want the developing countries of the world to embrace the same devastation. What is the definition of “insanity”? To embrace the same irrational crusade of others experiencing the destruction of their societies. Sheesh. The climate alarm crusade has gone far beyond the lunacy of past apocalyptic movements in its destructive reach.

Where are more of those courageous people to shout “the emperor has no clothes” and bring others back to their senses?

Exploding the myth of “climate crisis”

From H. Sterling Burnett’s “Climate Change Weekly” newsletter number 452, Nov. 19, 2022

Linnea Lueken wrote the following:

“Official data from the United States government and international sources show the frequency of hurricanes has slightly declined in recent years and they have not become more severe. Data also show wildfires have decreased over the past century. Instances of extreme drought and tornadoes also have remained unchanged or slightly declined.

“And concerning harm to humans, peer-reviewed studies like one recently published in Lancet show human deaths related to temperatures have declined significantly over the past 30 years and human mortality related to climate has declined during the last hundred years of climate change.”

Links provided in the above comment:

Hurricanes declining

Hurricanes not more severe

Climate at a Glance: Hurricanes

Drop in global wildfires

Drop in wildfires over last century

Climate at a Glance: U.S. Wildfires

Fewer and less extreme droughts

Climate at a Glance: Drought

Tornadoes declining

Climate at a Glance: Tornadoes

Deaths from temperatures declined significantly

No, USA Today, Heat Waves Are Not the “Top Weather-Related Killer”

Deaths from climate down 98% over past century

Climate Facts Unwelcome at Wellcome, Climate Change Benefitting Not Harming Health

And this showing that world temperatures have been cooling over the past 7 years

AP COP 27 Article Grossly Misrepresents Global Energy and Emissions Reality

Quotes from the last link above:

“The AP article headline highlights that the world is getting “hotter” but failed to provide recent global temperature anomaly trend data addressing this issue. Climate alarmists first established a “climate emergency declaration” in year 2016 and have been hyping that alarmist propaganda claim for the last 7 years.

“NOAA’s latest global temperature anomaly trend data covering the last 7 years as shown below establishes that the global temperature anomaly trend has been declining since 2016 at a rate of -1.3 degrees C per century.”

See the graph at the link above…

“This declining global temperature anomaly trend since 2016 established by NOAA is also present in other global temperature anomaly measurement systems including the NASA GISS, UAH and RSS systems with the average declining trend measured by these systems being about -1.56 degrees C per century since the “climate emergency declaration” was hyped by climate alarmists.

“During the period of this global temperature anomaly decline world energy use has increased by more than 8.6% with the world’s non-OECD nations energy use “consumption patterns” climbing by 15.8% while the OECD nations energy use “consumption patterns” were decreasing by -1.3% according to the year 2022 BP World Statistical Energy Report.”

Added note: There was a very mild warming trend from 1975 to 1998. Global warming then actually stopped in 1998 and the world average temperature trend was basically flat through the Oughts, but has more recently, as noted above, been on a cooling trend.

The Sun-Climate Effect: The Winter Gatekeeper Hypothesis (IV)

Quote from this link: “A geologist and paleontologist skeptical of modern climate theory who first reported it: “There IS a problem with global warming… it stopped in 1998” (Carter 2006).”

“After the pause in global warming was identified, hundreds of articles were published on it in scientific journals and a great controversy erupted over its reality, with some authors denying its existence (Lewandowsky et al. 2016) and even altering the official datasets to reduce its significance (Karl et al. 2015), and other authors asserting it as a real phenomenon that needed an explanation (Fyfe et al. 2016).”

Ahh.. some clarity, courage to state “the emperor has no clothes”…

Critical points made repeatedly by Senator Malcolm Roberts of Australia in his Submission to the Australian government (see full set of quotes and the link to Roberts’ Submission at the bottom of this opening section)…

“There has never been and there remains no, factual scientific basis presented in parliament for legislation cutting, or limiting the production of carbon dioxide from human activity…

“Historical, empirical, scientific evidence shows there is nothing unusual or unprecedented about our current temperatures or weather events.

“There is no logical, scientific point with empirical evidence linking carbon dioxide from human activity as the cause of climate variability. No entity or person has ever proven that the ongoing natural climate variability is not entirely natural….

“There is no danger from carbon dioxide from human activity and that there is nothing unprecedented about our planet’s temperature. Therefore, there is no scientific justification for any government to introduce policies designed to reduce carbon dioxide from human activity….

“None of the UN IPCC’s six reports contains logical scientific points proving carbon dioxide from human activity causes damaging climate change, yet all have summaries for policymakers stating or implying the reports do.”

And the award for courageous clarity (i.e. “the emperor has no clothes” award) goes to Vijay. He comments on the cruel anti-humanism of the climate cult- the “absurd religion” with a “cult-like obsession with climate hysteria”.

Celebrating War as Climate Win Makes Red True Color of “Greens”

“There is widespread concern about the human tragedy in Ukraine. How could there not be? Yet, among us are people who are sufficiently heartless and opportunistic to celebrate the bloodshed as a victory for the “green” movement.

“A cabal of political leaders and media houses are now dancing on the graves of innocent civilians as the Ukraine conflict disrupts Europe’s gas supplies and supposedly helps end the West’s “addiction” to fossil fuels….

Vijay quotes this from Politico: “From climate perspective, the war in Ukraine may be seen as a blessing,” said Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary General, who believes that the war “is speeding up this green transition.”

He continues: “Do not such thoughts betray a cult-like obsession with climate hysteria?

“At the heart of the green movement, is a fundamental disregard for human life. It is an irony that a movement that claims to save the planet for future generations is celebrating deaths of the present generation. This is not a one-time gaffe, but rather a systemic characteristic of the green movement….”

Vijay also notes the devastation to bird species from windmills, and other forms of environmental damage from the obsession with renewables.

“Regardless of our opinion on climate issues, there is a dangerous pattern that should concern all — a willingness to sacrifice lives to reduce the emission of the harmless gas CO2.

“The hostility toward fossil fuels alone costs lives as energy is made too expensive or simply unavailable for poor people who are doomed to poverty, disease and early death.

“The cult cares not whether you can afford your energy bills or whether you have a robust economy that offers personal and generational growth and well-being. Neither does it care about the birds in the sky or the whales in the ocean. It is certainly unconcerned about markets running out of food because of a war on nitrogen emissions in agricultural fields. In short, the climate cult is willing – perhaps duty bound – to sacrifice people and the beautiful creatures on this earth for its absurd religion.”

Keep the big picture in view

Paleoclimate facts– clarity on actual climate history and reality

For most of the past 500-plus million years of life (Phanerozoic era), for over 80% of this time climate has been 3-6 degrees C warmer than today and there was no “climate crisis” (world temperatures averaging 20 degrees C, and even up to 25 degrees C, versus the 14.5 degrees C world average today). Instead of climate crisis, life flourished during that history. See “Sun-climate effect: Winter Gatekeeper hypothesis” reports in sections below for paleoclimate evidence.

Also, for most of the history of life CO2 levels were in the thousands of ppm compared to the 400-plus ppm of today and again there was no “climate emergency”. Instead, life thrived with more of its basic food.

Place these basic paleoclimate facts at the fore of your narrative in order to properly evaluate the climate hysteria and irrational claims being made today by climate alarmists of “hottest on record… worst on record”, etc. (“on record” often referring to only the past few decades or past century).

Wouldn’t a much warmer average world temperature “fry the world”? No. Because already warm areas (i.e. tropics) do not necessarily become warmer with increased world average temperatures. This is the “equable climate” issue that alarmist narratives cannot explain. Temperature in the tropics has remained “remarkably stable” across the past 500 million years of life, only changing by a few degrees due to powerful negative feedback effects that maintain climate within boundaries that are optimal for life.

Extra heat coming into the tropics is transported to the polar regions (meridional transport) due to gradient differences between warm and cold regions. The heat is transported via ocean and atmospheric convection currents to even out climate across the world. The colder regions become warmer. Much of the extra transported heat is then radiated back out to space through the Arctic area.

The warming of the polar regions is beneficial to all life with extended habitats for much more diverse life forms. Additionally today, polar warming would mean extended agriculture for humanity. Again, note that for most of the past 500 million years of life, the Earth has been entirely ice-free (over 80% of paleoclimate history) and that has been a more optimal, normal, and healthier state for all life. Remember that the remnants of tropical species of plants and animals have been found at both poles.

Cold is the greatest threat to life with most extinctions occurring during cold eras and the greatest devastation to nature occurring during ice ages. Even today in what the “Sun-climate effect: Winter Gatekeeper hypothesis” reports call our “severe ice-house climate”, cold remains the greater threat with some 10 times more people dying every year from cold than die from warmth (Lancet study). There is a reason so many people migrate to warmer areas to vacation or live.

Note: This site engages the hero’s quest to go after well-known public monsters and help slay them. The monsters in the laser beam of this forum include (1) the monster gods of religious traditions (monstrously inhumane features still protected in religious theologies), (2) monstrously distorting apocalyptic movements in general (distort the improving trajectory of life, batter public consciousness with irrational threats of imminent punishment, destruction), and specifically (3) the contemporary apocalyptic movement of climate alarmism and its irrational decarbonization crusade (the most monstrously destructive movement on Earth today).

Repeat, rehash, restate… Basic climate facts affirm that there is no “climate crisis”, Wendell Krossa

CO2 has become “saturated” in physics terms, meaning that its warming effect has peaked and is now declining “logarithmically”. Further rises in atmospheric CO2 will contribute very little to any further warming. The reports of climate physicists Richard Lindzen, William Happer, and others, are repeatedly posted in sections below.

CO2 is not the main influence on climate change (not responsible for “50% or more of the climate change since industrialization began”), as other natural factors have shown much stronger correlations to the climate change that we have observed over past decades, centuries, and millennia. Our current Modern Warming Period began some 300 years ago as a natural recovery from the bitter cold of the “Little Ice Age” of 1645-1715.

Climate change has not become a “crisis…. emergency…” and will not become “catastrophic” if it warms several more degrees. We are still emerging out of the coldest period of our Holocene interglacial, the Little Ice Age and are still in the coldest period of this interglacial, and still on the long-term cooling trend that has now spanned the past 6000 years since the end of the Holocene Optimum. But even with the mild warming over the past century (roughly 1 degree C), 10 times more people still die every year from cold than die from warmth. All life will benefit from several degrees more warming.

There is no evidence that CO2 harms life but lots of evidence that more CO2 is a huge benefit to all life. The addition of more of this basic plant food to the atmosphere over past centuries has resulted in a 15% increase in green vegetation across the world just since 1980. That means more food for animals and increased crop production for humanity. CO2 is not a “pollutant” or “poison” (Bill Maher’s statement).

Instead of demonizing CO2 we ought to be celebrating this essential element of life as we continue to emerge out of the past “CO2 starvation era” of the past millions of years. The historically low past levels of CO2 almost ended life, notably when CO2 levels dropped to 185 ppm just 20,000 years ago.

See Patrick Moore’s “Celebrating CO2” on YouTube for more of the full context of paleoclimate detail.

New intro material, Wendell Krossa

The title in the section below- “Slay the monster, create a more human God”- refers to a central project of this site to recognize the inhumane themes still embedded in our meta-narratives, both in our religious narratives (i.e. world religions) and in the so-called “secular/ideological” narratives that embrace the very same mythical themes (“Declinism”, environmental alarmism). The inhumane mythical themes created by our ancestors became most potently damaging to human consciousness when they were projected onto deity over past millennia, because ideas of deity dominate and validate all the other ideas in our narratives.

This site repeatedly summarizes some of the worst of mythical ideas in the triad of (1) tribal exclusion (favoring insiders to some group, excluding differing others), (2) domination of weaker others, and (3) the punitive destruction of differing others (i.e. punitive justice toward “enemies”). We have better, more humane alternative insights today to shape our narratives. I would offer one singularly critical feature for humanizing narratives- the feature of “no conditions love” as the primary feature for creating more humane deity theories (truly humane gods). Unconditional is the central criterion for evaluating what is truly human or not.

The project of humanizing deity, or “spiritual” narratives, was something of what Thomas Jefferson and Leo Tolstoy were pointing to- the project to recognize the difference between the humane and the inhumane in our narratives, and then to fully humanize narratives by purging the inhumane features, and thus orient our focus to the more humane ideas/ideals (i.e. create more humane gods- our ultimate ideals).

Jefferson and Tolstoy said that the “diamonds/pearls” of historical Jesus (i.e. his comments on a non-retaliatory God that loved all, including enemies)- that message of Historical Jesus about unconditional, universal love had been distorted and buried in the “dung/slime/garbage” that dominated the rest of the New Testament (i.e. the highly conditional and exclusionary Christ myth of Paul). Ouch, eh. Their terms to describe Paul’s Christ mythology were wincingly harsh- “dung, slime, garbage”- but necessary to make the stark contrast between the humane and the inhumane in the larger New Testament context.

But the project to humanize deity will not be easy.

The features of the deities in our great religious traditions have been deeply lodged for so many millennia that they are now considered untouchable. Few people can even conceive of thinking about God in any other manner than what the religious traditions have communicated across millennia. Traditional religious theology (religious God theory) has so long been protected “under the canopy of the sacred”, that it has achieved the status where many believe it to be divinely revealed by God himself and therefore it must be protected as immutable truth and remain unchangeably fixed in religious holy books/bibles. Yes, Christian theology even promotes one of God’s attributes as “immutable”, that is, unchanging. Nobody like a “flip flopper”. And not just in politics.

But we know better today- we know that the mythical/religious narratives that we have inherited contain the projections from the primitive minds of our ancestors who were still barely emerging from our shared animal past. They were still immersed in the mentality/worldview of a very animal-like existence and subsequently created gods (ultimate ideals) that were more animal-like than human.

Those ancestors, the creators of the earliest mythologies, responded to their primal impulse for meaning (i.e. how to understand and explain life and the world) by creating systems of belief that were shaped by all that was important in their primitive world. Hence, they used the basic features of their existence to explain all reality. The result was that they validated the worst features of their very animal-like existence- i.e. features like (1) small band existence (the tribalism that includes favored fellow tribal members and excludes differing others), (2) domination/submission forms of relating (alpha male/female), and (3) the retaliatory destruction of differing others/enemies (punitive justice). Those base features of animal existence were projected onto the earliest gods that then became the prototypes for all subsequent deities across history (tribal gods dominating people and destroying enemies).

Those ancestors were not yet aware of the “stunning new theology” (James Robinson) of a non-retaliatory God, a God that treated all with unconditional love as per the central message of Historical Jesus in Luke 6:27-36, or Matthew 5:38-48. A paraphrased summary of the core teaching of Jesus: “There should be no more eye for eye retaliation toward offenders, but instead love your enemies because God does. How so? God generously gives the good gifts of life- sun and rain- to both good people and bad people alike. Be like God who is universal, unconditional love toward all”. Just like Nelson Mandela in past years.

Jesus repeated his non-retaliatory/unconditional message in parables like the “Prodigal Son” where the Father, representing God, did not demand a sacrifice or payment before forgiving and fully including the “bad son”. Everyone, both good and bad, received the same free forgiveness and inclusive generosity from deity (again- “sun and rain given are given to both good and bad alike”). That is profoundly revolutionary stuff, stunningly humane insight to liberate and transform human consciousness as nothing ever before.

The original “Q Wisdom Sayings” gospel (the closest that we get to what Historical Jesus actually taught) makes no claim that Jesus came as a cosmic sacrifice for sin, a payment to appease a wrathful God and achieve forgiveness by first making full payment for wrong. In Jesus’ core message there are no such pre-conditions for forgiveness and inclusion in God’s love, no demand for sacrifice of any kind.

But Paul ignored that teaching of Jesus entirely when he created his Christ myth that portrayed Jesus as the supreme universal sacrifice/payment for all sin, a god-man sent to satisfy the ultimate condition of all conditions (as stated in Romans, Galatians, Corinthians, etc.). Paul’s Christ also re-affirmed tribalism (only true believers are included in salvation- see Romans), domination (his Christ is Lord of all- every knee shall bow), and punitive destruction of differing others/enemies. Paul repeats the threat of destruction throughout his letters- notably in Thessalonians, Romans, and of course John backs up Paul with the graphic portrayal of ultimate world destruction- i.e. apocalypse- by the Christ of Revelation.

Contradicting Jesus, the Christ of Paul was all about conditions, conditions, and more conditions- i.e. (1) the demand/condition of a cosmic sacrifice to pay for sin before forgiveness could be granted, (2) the condition of faith in Paul’s Christ myth before one could be included in salvation, (3) the adoption of a Christian lifestyle as the chief identity marker of true believer or ”saved” status, (4) the fulfillment of Christian rituals, (5) and embracing correct Christian beliefs, etc. See the full complex of Christian conditions throughout the New Testament books.

No mythology or religion over history has ever communicated the wonder of an unconditional deity to humanity. All have buried that liberating wonder under endless religious conditions. Additionally, the world religious traditions have long deformed human consciousness with threats of ultimate violence- i.e. deities that punish people through nature (natural disaster, disease, predatory cruelty), and through apocalypse and hell. Religious traditions present demanding monster gods that incite fear, anxiety, despair, depression, and even violence.

Insert on deity inciting violence: Psychologist and Christian chaplain Harold Ellens notes that a God who solves problems with violence, e.g. blood sacrifice, is a “monster that is not satisfied till he kills someone”. That view of deity then validates people using similar violence to solve problems. Hence, the violent histories of religions. See also Zenon Lotufo’s “Cruel God, Kind God” for detail on the personality-deforming and violence-inciting impact of cruel God ideas.

Comment on Bob Brinsmead’s post below:

The great Christian contradiction- Jesus versus Christ. Paul’s Christ myth contradicts Jesus by claiming that the death of Jesus was an eternally pre-ordained cosmic sacrifice for all sin. That narrative of Paul was the very opposite of what Jesus taught.

This site affirms Bob Brinsmead’s good research that Jesus actually died because he protested the sacrificial system of the Jewish priests. That was his protest at the Temple in Jerusalem during Passover celebrations. But Paul’s Christianity then overturned that message and mission, and turned Jesus into something that was entirely opposite to his message and mission. Paul’s Christ myth claimed that Jesus was a great cosmic blood sacrifice to pay for sin and thereby attain forgiveness of sin and acceptance by God. Creating the myth of Jesus as a sacrifice for sin (meeting a supreme condition for forgiveness) rejected and distorted entirely the central message of Jesus that no conditions had to be met in order to be forgiven and accepted by God.

The Christian Christ gospel is stunningly opposed to what Historical Jesus actually said and did.

Post from Bob Brinsmead:

“That article makes some good and obvious points re love and justice, but its fallacy is its theology of the cross as an atoning sacrifice as the basis of God’s forgiveness – a view of love and justice that Jesus died to abolish, not establish. Jesus died protesting the entire institution and tradition of the need for sacrifice to secure forgiveness, and the who’s who of Jewish Christianity clearly bears witness to that. John the Baptist, the mentor of Jesus, protested sacrifice to secure forgiveness when he substituted water for sacrificial blood.

“That protest by John the Baptist was bad enough for the priesthood to endure, but Jesus took the issue further in that he forgave sin unconditionally– that is, he required neither a blood sacrifice nor water baptism and went even further when he had the courage to take his protest right into the temple at the time of the Passover, making a whip to liberate the animals, and then he capped it all off by celebrating Passover with his disciples where there was no Pascal lamb to eat and no blood. To his critics, including especially Judas, he seemed to bring, not a lamb as did Abel, but just the fruit of the ground (bread and wine) as did Cain.

“Blood sacrifices not only had a revolting history (borrowed from paganism pure and simple), the sacrifice cult was later added by priests to the law of Moses many years after Moses. And the entire institution was barbaric and inhuman and revolting to any higher human consciousness just as it was revolting to Pythagoras more than 500 years before Jesus. And it was revolting to prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah and revolting to Micah for the same reason that it was revolting to Jesus, namely, that no sacrifice, either human or animals, was needed or required to secure the “hesed” forgiveness of God. So also Psalms: “You desire not sacrifice or I would give it”, or Hosea, “I will have mercy and not sacrifice.”

“Patricia Williams was right when she said that it was very arrogant of the church to claim that the sacrifice of Jesus was required for forgiveness when in fact he was put to death for protesting the need of any sacrifice. This truth is so plain and transparent that we would have to be very dumb to keep believing the contrary Christian teaching.”

Another person responding to Bob:

“Robert. But Christian theology, clearly and frequently states that God is the one who atones/reconciles- “that is, in Christ GOD was reconciling the world to himself.” 2 Corinthians 5:19. God is the author and the initiator of atonement/reconciliation in Christian theology. “All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself. God is the acting subject of reconciliation.”

Bob’s further response:

“In my view, that makes it worse rather than better. But your observation is not just a New Testament view– in the Old Testament too atonement was also provided by God and not by the worshipper. In either case God does not and cannot forgive unless the debt is paid (atonement) in which case love has to be paid for, purchased, merited by sacrifice.

“What you fail to see in this traditional Christian theology is the foundation of the doctrine of hell– the punishment meted out at the cross and born by Christ has to be of infinite worth because sin demanded an infinite punishment. The unbeliever must bear an infinite punishment, hence the doctrine of eternal torment. God is therefore presented as unforgiving except for the infinite sacrifice of Christ. Why can’t you see that the end of the world is in two stages– the Judgment Day of the cross and at the end of the world etc.

“Christianity is more bloody and intolerant than paganism. Paganism was very tolerant compared to Christianity. See James Carrol’s “Constantine’s Sword”: the persecuting of Christianity, especially its treatment of the Jews, was rooted in the Christian theology of the cross. There is a reason why Christianity shed more blood than any other religion. It is also the reason why the most Christian nation in the world imprisons so many people. It is grounded in a wrong view of justice as atonement (payment) for crime. The Christian atonement is based on retaliatory rather than restorative justice.”

Hope for humanity in the inevitable collapse of collectivist totalitarianism, Wendell Krossa

This from

Remember how the Soviet Union imploded due to the inherent failures from previous decades of collectivist policies. Such is the historical inevitability/consequence of centralizing control in collectivist systems. Where socialist systems appear to survive, as in “Social Democracy” or “Democratic Socialism”, the survival is due to the dominance of the democratic element in the mix- i.e. the protection of individual rights and freedoms as in Classic Liberalism.

Where the socialist or collectivist element dominates (centralizing control in enlightened elites) then disarray and collapse is the inevitable wake of such systems. The outcome is the same no matter how many times socialists try to promote and install their collectivist system. And the excuse of socialists for the failure of their system is always the same- the repeated claim after every failure/collapse that the attempt at collectivism was not “true socialism”. See “Socialism: The failed idea that never dies”, by Kristian Niemietz, for a great history of socialist systems and the defensive denial and endless apologetic excuse-making by socialists over the inevitable failure of their system.

And more on the “de-growth” or “de-development” crusade, a return to primitivism-

“Escaping From the COP-27 Insane Asylum” by Paul Driessen, Nov. 12, 2022

Quotes from above link:

“Not long ago, Obama “science advisor” John Holdren intoned: “Only one rational path is open to us – simultaneous de-development of the [United States and other over-developed countries] and semi-development of the under-developed countries, in order to approach a decent and ecologically sustainable standard of living for all in between.” This de-development ideology is shared by many others.

“Well, de-development and de-industrialization are already underway in Britain, Germany and elsewhere, because wind, solar and battery (WSB) energy cannot possibly replace abundant, reliable, affordable, non-weather-dependent fossil fuel and nuclear energy. Jobs, companies and entire industries are already disappearing across Europe, as it destroys fossil fuel power plants but has nothing viable to replace them….

“As Oliver Hardy would say, “Another fine mess you’ve gotten me into,” Joe, John and the rest of Team Biden’s climate-obsessed, fossil-fuel-eradicating, eco-justice warriors.

“They and their activist, media and academia allies created the climate scare – the assertion that fossil fuel emissions alone are driving today’s climate and weather. Never mind that average global temperatures climbed significantly (Baruch Hashem) since the last Pleistocene ice age; sea levels rose some 400 feet; and floods, droughts, hurricanes and other disasters ravaged planet and humanity countless times. Anything happening today, however, is due to countries that got rich using fossil fuels. Or so they insist….

“These unconscionable policies perpetuate joblessness, poverty, disease and death – and advance the other basic goal of “climate stabilization” programs: controlling our lives and living standards. But poor nations have inalienable, God-given rights to develop, using fossil fuel, nuclear and hydroelectric power – and petroleum as feed stocks for fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, plastics and hundreds of other miraculous life-enhancing, life-saving products (developed by countries that are now expected to pay reparations).

“Developed nations must help developing nations reach those goals. Instead, they too often block pathways to better lives. Still more outrageous, the USA and Europe have the nerve to ask African, Asian and Latin American nations to produce more oil and gas, but only for export to the USA and Europe!

“Meanwhile, in Britain is setting up “warm rooms,” where people can go for a few hours a day, instead of freezing hungry and jobless in dark apartments. It’s as though Merry Old England has suddenly been transported back to the Middle Ages, by politicians who put climate virtue signaling above their constituents’ basic needs….

“Even crazier, these are just a few examples of the insanity gripping the world’s political classes, especially during Conference of Parties (COPs) on climate change. Happily, escaping this insane asylum requires little more than recognizing a few simple realities.”

Driessen then lists the 5 realities:

(1) Fossil fuels still provide 82% of world’s energy, with nuclear, hydroelectric and biomass providing most of the rest, while only 2% comes from wind and solar.

(2) Developing countries will need fossil fuels for coming decades.

(3) The claim that we must not surpass another 1.5 degree C of warming is irrational because several more degrees of warming would be beneficial.

(4) The “climate crisis” crusade is based on discredited computer models that consistently exaggerate warming and devastating outcomes.

(5) ”Basing economy-destroying, life-altering policies on useless models is sheer insanity…”

Driessen continues: “The only reason these realities are so little known is that climate activists, politicians, academics, and news and social media studiously demonize, censor, silence, de-platform and demonetize scientists, economists and energy experts who challenge climate crisis narratives.

“Thankfully, the Truth will eventually win out.”

Further on “de-growth” or the call to return to primitivism

From Wall Street Journal, Oct. 30, 2022, Andy Kessler: “The deadly ‘De-Growth’ craze”

“Stagnant societies eventually slide into oppression, chaos, anarchy and ruin.

“The modern world is constantly subjected to crackpot movements that eventually fail, but not before causing serious damage. Karl Marx was a crackpot. So was the John Birch Society in its mission to fight communism “behind every tree.” The latest is Modern Monetary Theory and unlimited dollar creation for government spending, which caused today’s runaway inflation.

“In the 1970s, the Club of Rome insisted that for the world to be ecologically sound, we needed a “no-growth economy.” This was as dumb as the debunked Malthus theory that population growth would outstrip food. The disgraced Club of Rome thankfully went dormant. But it’s baaaack.

“The new craze is “de-growth.” Proponents demand we “put well-being ahead of profit.” Normally, I’d say “Pfffft, ignore them,” but none other than the Davos dudes of the World Economic Forum are featuring arguments for de-growth. Weird because mostly growing global companies pay the WEF’s bills—tributes to the woke dons. The WEF’s website is filled with scholar-infested nonsense including a video asking, “What would a post-economic-growth world look like?”

“It wouldn’t be pretty. Like Manta rays that must keep swimming or die (sharks too), societies that don’t grow eventually devolve into oppression, chaos, anarchy and then ruin. The Roman Empire. The Soviet Union. Venezuela. De-growth is living with less. Capitalism’s productivity is doing more with less. Big difference…

“No growth is deadly, so why do so many push it? Joseph Stalin called his naive allies “useful idiots.” The no-growth movement has more than its share of dunces pitching policies to kill economic growth. Do they realize this? To be nice, I’ll call them No-Grows.

“No-Grows are the ones shouting “sustainability.” When you hear “net zero” it screams no growth. Let’s drive energy prices high enough to limit growth (hey, it worked!). Please ignore that it enriches makers of not-yet-ready green solutions. Climate change is another No-Grow favorite—it’s an “existential threat”! Solutions aren’t about adapting but instead population-limiting economic brakes…

“Who could be against raising living standards and reducing poverty? Central planners, that’s who. No-Grows would rather shuffle stuff around. That’s their power. The Soviets had the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to concoct unreachable Five Year Plans. That’s the dream of expert class mouthpieces—econo-No-Grows Joseph Stiglitz, Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Krugman—who crave a no-growth world that would worship their talents to save it.

“Read closely the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Over half lead to no growth, which would require U.N. technocrats to rescue us. Sad, because markets work and reach far and wide. Prices automatically allow billions of people to allocate resources, removing the need for biased experts.”

Read full article at link above.

Rainforests not disappearing, From

The Amazon Forest Is Not About to Disappear

“The Amazon Forest is Not about to Disappear: The Amazon is not nearly gone, a dead zone, or otherwise vanishing anytime soon” by Joakim Book, Nov. 12, 2022

“The entry for “space” in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from Douglas Adams’ classic story goes:

“Space … is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. I mean you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to space.

“That’s how we should think about the breathtakingly vast expanses of our world: the Sahara, the Mongolian steppes, the Australian outback, the Patagonian plains. Or the truly great ones: the Arctic ice sheets, Antarctica, or the Amazon.

“Yet, to the chattering classes, our natural spaces always seem to be running out. The ice is melting; the forests are chopped down; the deserts are expanding. Apocalypse perpetuated.

“The Amazonian Forest is a great example. While few people in the West have seen the Amazon, many of us appreciate its unrivaled biodiversity and importance as a carbon sink. So, we are understandably worried when we read about football fields of forest destroyed per minute or deforested areas the size of some country or U.S. state. However, such metrics rarely include how many football fields the Amazon could hold or how many Belgiums or Louisianas could fit within its vast lands, leaving us clueless about the scale of the damage.

“Cue Time magazine’s article by Matt Sandy from 2019, ”The Amazon Rain Forest Is Nearly Gone: We Went to the Front Lines to See if it Could Be Saved,” which offers a lesson in how to irresponsibly title journalistic articles…

“Sandy wrote that 27 percent of the Amazon “will be without trees in 2030,” that an “area larger than Texas has been cut,” and most provocatively, “if things continue as they are now, the Amazon might not exist at all within a few generations.”

“These are extraordinary statements and, if true, should really have us worried.

“Merging this apocalyptic rhetoric with its preference for big government and politics, the New York Times upped the ante before Brazil’s October 30th election: because of the Amazon’s crucial climatic role, “Brazil’s Presidential Election Will Determine the Planet’s Future.” As we’re shown endless trees wrapped in smoke and flames, we’re told ominously that “the whole thing is on track to becoming a dead zone.” This election, said the article, would therefore “determine the conditions for future life on Earth.”

“Let’s reassess…

“And the Amazon is not nearly gone, a dead zone, or otherwise disappearing. The Brazilian Amazon alone (remember that some 40 percent of this gigantic forest is scattered across eight other countries) could fit about seven-and-a-half Texases.

“The “area larger than Texas” sum that Sandy used conveniently left out a timeline. Publicly available data from the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), the Brazilian space institute that tracks deforestation in the Amazon, only goes back to 1988, and the deforested area for that time period adds up to an area the size of California, which is about two-thirds the size of Texas. There are around 12 to 13 more Californias of Amazonian forest left. So, on a very rough schedule, we have hundreds of years before “nearly gone” or “does not exist” are appropriate descriptions of the Amazon—not a single presidential term.

“Reports from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) show a similar trend: a slow decline in deforestation, trending ever closer to zero. Deforestation is not spiraling out of control but is instead gradually coming to a halt.

“For the Amazon region as a whole, the FAO reports that the high deforestation rates of the 1990s (5.3 percent) and 2000s (5.6 percent) slowed remarkably in the 2010s (2.8 percent). In terms of forest stock, which measures cubic meters of forest instead of area with forested land, the decline is even sharper: from 4.1 percent in the 1990s to 4.3 percent in the 2000s to 1.9 percent in the 2010s.

“Globally, tropical deforestation peaked, not under recent iconic “villains” such as Bolsonaro, but in the 1980s. In Brazil, forest loss was highest during the early 2000s, when President Lula first held office. As is the usual story of human progress, things have been getting better (or at least less bad) year by year. In my lifetime, Brazil’s forest cover has fallen from around 70 percent of its land area to just under 60 percent today. Scary, but hardly apocalyptic—and Brazilian deforestation doesn’t remotely rival what countries such as the U.K., the U.S., or France did to their forests when they first grew rich.

“Source: Our World In Data

“In the meantime, rest assured that the Brazilian Amazon has lots of trees left.”

“Joakim Book is a freelance writer, editor and researcher on all things money and financial markets.”

Another on the destructiveness of apocalyptic movements…

Thanks, Colorado Springs Gazette, for Warning of the Dangers of “Climate Change Catastrophism”

An editorial in the Colorado Springs Gazette noted the harm being caused by “climate change catastrophism”. The editorial was based on an article from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) written by three scientific researchers who stated…

“History also shows risks in overemphasizing the likelihood of calamity. Mindful of this, we argue Kemp et al. understate the degree to which recent scientific and public discourses already prioritize catastrophic climate scenarios. …

“Simultaneously, IPCC reports also overemphasize catastrophic scenarios, as does broader discourse. …

H. Sterling Burnett in his newsletter Climate Change Weekly Number 453 (Nov. 18, 2022) made the following comments on the Colorado Springs Gazette editorial and Linnea Lueken’s follow-up article in the link above:

“The data does not support claims that extreme weather events are becoming more severe or more frequent. Policies to prevent a climate disaster that will never arrive are likely to produce worse harms than climate change itself…

“In the meantime, these claims are doing untold damage. Children’s psyches are being horribly scarred as climate catastrophism has created whole new category of psychological disorder, “climate grief” generated by fearmongering politicians, activists, and the mainstream media. This condition has spawned a new area of psychological practice: “ecopsychology.” Meanwhile, slavery, child labor, and environmental destruction are the foundations of the green energy technologies being pushed to replace fossil fuels to prevent climate disaster….”

The Gazette editorial said,

“In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the scientists warn of too much focus by the scientific community on unlikely worst-case scenarios—including imminent extinction of human life—rather than more plausible outcomes that fall between Armageddon on one extreme and “no worries” on the other. Alarmism, they explain, leads to impossible goals of ending all fossil fuel consumption by mid-century, social disarray, and mental health problems…”

The three researchers had stated,

“Overemphasized apocalyptic futures can be used to support despotism and rashness. For example, catastrophic and ultimately inaccurate overpopulation scenarios in the 1960s and 1970s contributed to several countries adopting forced sterilization and abortion programs, including China’s one-child policy, which caused up to 100 million coerced abortions, disproportionately of girls. Past and present fascist and neofascist movements frequently use fears of environmental catastrophe to promote eugenics and oppose immigration and aid…”

Burnett continues,

“The PNAS article then discusses one fact that is truly alarming: surveys show the overemphasis on apocalyptic climate projections has resulted in 45 percent of the world’s youth feeling climate change is negatively affecting their lives, and because of that, approximately 40 percent of the youths surveyed say they are considering not having children. That is truly tragic.

“Whether people choose to have children is none of my business. However, an entire generation should not be misled into rejecting having children based on a false climate alarm suggesting that any kids they have will be a burden on the Earth or be condemned to a lifelong struggle in an environmental wasteland. Both of those claims are lies. All the available evidence suggests the future for humans and the environment will be better than the past.”

Burnett then quotes Linnea Lueken:

“Climate alarmists exaggerate the rate of recent warming and the risks of extreme weather to motivate radical political actions…. The Earth’s climate does change and will continue to do so and it is wise to meet this change… An overcorrection imposed by world governments, like banning fossil fuels, is like to cause far more harm and destruction than climate change itself”.

Submission by Senator Malcolm Roberts to the Australian government

Quotes from the Roberts’ Submission:

“Attachment 1 shows there has never been and there remains no, factual scientific basis presented in parliament for legislation cutting, or limiting the production of carbon dioxide from human activity. Parliament has never debated the climate science…

“Attachment 4 reveals the repeated results of two global natural experiments and proves that cutting carbon dioxide from human activity can have no effect. The associated limited summary of the science introduces concepts explaining why the cutting of carbon dioxide from human activity can have no effect on global or regional climate or weather. Included are basic facts on earth’s essential, natural atmospheric trace gas that is the focus of legislation before our parliament….

“Our earth’s climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years. Historical, empirical, scientific evidence shows there is nothing unusual or unprecedented about our current temperatures or weather events….

“There is no logical, scientific point with empirical evidence linking carbon dioxide from human activity as the cause of climate variability. No entity or person has ever proven that the ongoing natural climate variability is not entirely natural….

“… there is no danger from carbon dioxide from human activity and that there is nothing unprecedented about our planet’s temperature. Therefore, there is no scientific justification for any government to introduce policies designed to reduce carbon dioxide from human activity….

“None of the UN IPCC’s six reports contains logical scientific points proving carbon dioxide from human activity causes damaging climate change, yet all have summaries for policymakers stating or implying the reports do. None of the many UN IPCC reports provide logical scientific points quantifying the specific effect of carbon dioxide from human activity on any climate or weather factor….

“The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) and its reports have never quantified the specific effect of carbon dioxide from human activity and never provided the necessary logical scientific points. Additional facts on the UN IPCC are available in my 2012 summary:

“The UN IPCC reports’ Summary for Policy Makers move subtly—without causation—from no proof to inferred causation, to implied causation, to future conjecture to forecasts of catastrophe. i.e., without justification UN IPCC reports simply and cleverly imply and then assume causation.

“Attachment 4, Natural Global Experiments Confirm Carbon Dioxide’s Innocence

“Basic Facts on Earth’s Essential, Natural Atmospheric Trace Gas

“Our planet has experienced two recent revealing natural experiments. These occurred in 2009 during the globally widespread severe economic recession that followed the 2008 “global financial crisis” and in 2020 during the severe global recession due to national governments’ Covid-19 restrictions. In each case the use of hydrocarbon fuels – gas, coal, oil – decreased enormously. As a result, the output of carbon dioxide from human activity decreased enormously in 2009 and in 2020. Yet the level of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere continued increasing.

“This confirms what the empirical scientific data proves: that nature alone controls the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our planet’s atmosphere. This is due to the massive natural sinks and sources of carbon dioxide that dwarf our human production of carbon dioxide and that control the level of carbon dioxide in earth’s air.

“Further, it shows physically that drastic cuts to the human production of carbon dioxide in industry, transport, electricity and agriculture have no effect on the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

“The level of carbon dioxide in earth’s air is currently 0.042%, being so low that scientists classify it as a trace gas. It is much, much less than 1% of earth’s air being a mere 4 one hundredths of 1%.

“This natural trace gas is essential to all life on Earth. In our planet’s relatively recent past the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been more than 150 times higher than today. In past ice ages carbon dioxide levels in air have been many times higher than today. In past climate optimums when carbon dioxide levels were much higher than today life flourished.

“Significantly, when natural decadal El Nino and La Nina climate cycles are accounted for, there has been essentially no rise in temperature since 1995/1996. This is despite massive increases in carbon dioxide from human activity in China, India, Brazil, Russia, Europe, USA over this period. For confirmation refer to the world’s most accurate measurement of global atmospheric temperature, from the University of Alabama Huntsville’s processing of NASA satellite data….

“According to the UN IPCC oceans contain, in dissolved form, 50 times the carbon dioxide contained in earth’s entire atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is released from and absorbed into oceans depending on temperature. Thus, nature overwhelmingly produces most of earth’s carbon dioxide and ocean temperature determines its concentration in air….

“Although people rely on highly persuasive emotive repetition of claims that Maurice Strong first falsely labelled as “science” no one has ever specified the impact of carbon dioxide from human activity.

“Thus, there is no scientific, logical, or economic basis for climate and energy policies driving legislation currently before us in parliament.”

More evidence of destruction as people, desperate to stay warm, are deforesting areas of Europe. This is driven by intentional policies to block human use of fossil fuels, thus creating a shortage of critical energy in an era of growing demand, and consequent higher prices and raging inflation. The poorest people suffer the most from this anti-fossil fuel crusade based on an apocalyptic narrative of “climate crisis”.

As Green Policies Cause Energy Prices To Explode, Deforestation In Europe Accelerates

As Green Policies Cause Energy Prices To Explode, Deforestation In Europe Accelerates

Swiss Daily: Wind Park Destruction Of 1000-Year Old Untouched German Forest Exposes “Absurdity of Green Energies”

Another “The emperor has no clothes” award goes to Eric Worrall

Our ancestors emerged and prospered in a much warmer world just as many people do today by moving to much warmer areas of Earth. So also the early great civilizations and agriculture emerged during the Holocene Optimum (10-6,000 years ago) when average temperatures were some 3 degrees C warmer than today.

BBC: “Is the world ready for mass migration due to climate change?”

Eric Worrall responds to the BBC making a claim that “millions- even billions” of people will have to migrate to escape catastrophic global warming.

Worrall says,

“My favourite example to refute this nonsense claim is the British colonisation of Australia….

“The colonists, mostly from Britain and Ireland, which experiences an average high temperature 9C to 23C (in the London area), were transported to Sydney Australia, which experiences an average high temperature ranging from 17C (62F) to 26C (78F).

“The colonists brought their crops and farm animals with them.

“After a few false starts… the colony prospered. Within a few years Australian colonists were raising the crops and cattle they used to raise in Britain, but in a much warmer climate….

“My point is, global warming is no threat to people living in warm countries. All they have to do if warming occurs, is adapt a little, like the British colonists easily adapted to much warmer conditions in Australia.

“What about arguments that global warming is somehow different to moving home? The claim that global warming could bring unsurvivable wet bulb temperatures. Could global warming somehow bring less benign conditions, than the change experienced by people who move house to a warmer country?

“The evidence says no. My evidence for this assertion is the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, which occurred around 55 million years ago. The PETM was a relatively rapid natural warming event, which peaked with temperatures around 5-8C higher than today.

“Guess what thrived during the thermal maximum of 55 million years ago? Monkeys. “… True primates appeared suddenly on all three northern continents during the 100,000-yr-duration Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum at the beginning of the Eocene, ≈55.5 mya. …” according to “Rapid Asia-Europe-North America geographic dispersal of earliest Eocene primate Teilhardina during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum”. Much of the world was covered with tropical forests – perfect conditions for tree dwelling monkeys.

“Fish also became more abundant during this extreme warming period, contrary to all the alarmism you hear these days about the impact of global warming on fish.

“Given how well our monkey ancestors did during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, there is no plausible level of global warming which could make significant regions of the planet uninhabitable for tropical species like humans. Temperatures during the extreme PETM warming event of 55 million years ago were within the range of tolerance for our monkey ancestors, so we humans would be able to tolerate a warming event of similar magnitude. If anything, humans are even more heat adapted than our primate ancestors – Teilhardina marmosets were covered in fur.

“If a bunch of monkey ancestors with brains the size of a sewing thimble could adapt to the abrupt extreme warmth of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, and thrive in a much warmer world than their ancestors experienced, we humans could manage any level of global warming our species is ever likely to encounter.”

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