Religious validation of horror, comedians as cutting-edge defenders of freedom, lying in service to a noble cause, violence producing revulsion, more on the real battle against evil

This from newsletter of Nov.20, 2023- “CO2 Coalition Director and Nobel Laureate (Physics) John Clauser traveled to Baltimore this past week to speak at a press conference on climate. He began his presentation with the exclamation: “Great news! There is no climate crisis!… Much as it may upset many people, my message is the planet is not in peril.”

Section topics:

(1) An anti-religion site? Nah. Just pointing out that conditional religion cannot and will not communicate the true unconditional nature of deity to humanity. An unconditional God spells the end of all conditional religion.

(2) Comedians are the cutting-edge defenders of freedom. The comedic genius of Jeselnik and others.

(3) Eruptions of hate and violence, and the long-term solutions- Go to the root ideas in narratives that incite and validate our worst impulses (the “evil triad”).

(4) Goal of site- Slay the monster, liberate people from primal fears, promote a liberation at the depths of human consciousness/subconscious.

(5) Reposting of the list of the worst ideas that we have inherited and the 18 alternative themes for a new narrative. Transforming human consciousness at the deepest level.

(6) Some thoughts on dying and the “annoyance” of death (Australian actor Sam Neill’s term).

(7) And another excellent one from Michael Shellenberger- “Why Democrats Became The Totalitarians They Warned Us About: How did the Left go from defending the free speech rights of neo-Nazis to demanding censorship, falsely accusing their opponents of being fascists, and seeking their incarceration?”

Other comments below:

The religious validation of horror; More on comedians as cutting-edge advocates for freedom; Lying in service to a noble cause or righteous battle; Violence producing revulsion and consequent impetus to reform in fellow group members; And more on the real battle of good against evil… and much more.

It will never end, until… Wendell Krossa

This site has long argued that the problem of violence between differing groups of people will continue to erupt in societies until you go to the deepest roots behind such violence- notably the bad ideas that incite such bad behavior, the beliefs that validate the violent domination and destruction of those we consider our “enemies”.

This site advocates for a change at the core of human thought that will involve a thorough transformation of the most fundamental themes that shape human narratives and consequently influence our outlooks, emotions, motivations, and responses/behavior.

The recent Hamas attack was just another festering sore that broke out on a larger body of corruption, just another in an endless historical stream of such eruptions of violence, all fueled by a fundamentally similar complex of bad ideas/themes- mental pathologies that validate tribalism, domination, and punitive destruction of differing others. Read the rest of the opening comment here

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Woke on climate, love your enemy, toying with liberating blasphemy, the pathology of apocalyptic, a stunning new theology on the “fundamental force” that is love

New comment below– Did Einstein’s actual TOE (Theory of Everything) posit love as the fundamental force or reality? A ‘purported’ letter to a daughter named “Lieserl”. Also more on the root problem of bad ideas inciting and validating bad behavior. Further, today’s eruption of tribalism and the potent counter to tribalism based on human oneness; NDEs affirming the central theme of Historical Jesus; and how to keep AI (Artificial Intelligence) free of tribal, partisan bias- program it with Classic Liberal principles. Comment on issues of our time and those fundamental human questions that arise from our primal impulse for meaning.

Re the debate over the purported letter of Einstein to his daughter Lieserl- It matters not who wrote that, much like Bob Brinsmead argues that it matters not who wrote some of the material attributed to Historical Jesus. That material (i.e. “love your enemy… love one another”) is self-validating as good, right, and true. It’s the content that matters, not who stated it. And an Akkadian father urged his son to “love his enemy” 2,000 years before Jesus did. Others also, no doubt, got this unconditional ethic right just by responding to the intuitions of their own human spirit and consciousness.

The Akkadian father’s statement to his son: “Do not return evil to your adversary; requite with kindness the one who does evil to you, maintain justice for your enemy, be friendly to your enemy. Give food to eat, beer to drink, grant what is requested, provide for and treat with honor. At this one’s god takes pleasure.”

Section topics:

(1) Becoming “woke” on climate, as in properly and fully informed, notably on the “physics of CO2” as presented by atmospheric physicists like Richard Lindzen, William Happer and others ( Also, be informed on the complexity of climate, and the natural factors that are the main influence on climate change- i.e. not CO2 but factors like “meridional transport”- as detailed by Javier Vinos in his excellent reports on “Sun-Climate Effect: Winter Gatekeeper hypothesis” (at The basic physics of CO2 presents no rational, scientific need to tax carbon or decarbonize our societies.

(2) The hardest saying of all- “Love your enemy”- but most liberating and transforming. It takes us to new heights of courageous mature humanity, to new reaches of true heroism in the real battle of good against evil that takes place in every human heart.

(3) Good balance of concerns from Michael Shellenberger and Co. on maintaining our humanity in the face of evil by affirming the humane treatment of all.

(4) Toying with “blasphemy” in order to achieve liberation from bad ideas. This relates to my project re the Christ myth of Paul that has buried the core insights of Historical Jesus that God was a non-retaliatory, unconditional deity. Paul’s Christ has buried those critical insights of Historical Jesus. “Buried”? Yes, as per the comments of Thomas Jefferson and Leo Tolstoy that the “diamonds/pearls” of Historical Jesus were buried by Paul’s Christology.

(5) More on the pathology of apocalyptic and its destructive outcomes in life. Apocalyptic has always been “the most violent and destructive idea in history” (Arthur Mendel, “Vision and Violence”). How so? Fear=control. Watch how this primitive and destructive mythology is playing out today in the latest eruption of apocalyptic- the “profoundly religious” climate alarmism crusade and its salvation scheme of decarbonization that is ruining societies.

(6) Theological points: The role of the Near-Death Experience movement in the long history of human “spirituality”. The main discovery of the NDE movement affirms the stunning theological insight of Jesus on God as non-retaliatory, inexpressibly transcendent unconditional love. This is about understanding the role of the ‘metaphysical’ in human meaning. An unconditional God poses the greatest threat to highly conditional religious traditions. No religion has ever presented this liberating insight on the true nature of deity to humanity.

Also- See the article by Michael Barone below“The Tom and Daisy Buchanans North of Richmond”. It illustrates the research on the “psychopathology of Left-wing authoritarianism” where people present themselves as compassionate and caring toward some oppressed population but engage policies/practises that destroy the lives of the very people that they claim compassion toward. Barone notes the “vast carelessness” of those who arrogantly claim to know what is best for all others and will use state coercion to push their destructive policies on others, to control others. The outcomes, now evident across our societies, have been horrifically destructive. Such left-wing compassion has nothing to do with Classic Liberalism or liberal democracy. While often identifying as “liberal”, Woke Progressivism has become “highly illiberal”, even totalitarian.

And… Good comment from Elon Musk during his interview with Joe Rogan (episode 2054 of JRE on Spotify). Musk said that the left has gone so far left now on many issues that anyone to the right of that extremism is smeared as “right-wing” (dog whistle for “racist, fascist, white supremacist extremist, threat to democracy,…” etc.), even fellow leftists and moderates. Much like the black folks, and Asians, also Hispanics, who disagreed with Woke Progressivism and were smeared as “racist, the faces of white supremacy”.

As Rogan guest Edie Bravo said recently, commenting on the “censorship industrial complex” and related issues pushed by the Left, “What crazy world are we living in today?” Others, like Glen Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, and Michael Shellenberger, have noted the “Great Switcheroo” that took place over the past decade where Classic Liberalism has been abandoned by US liberals and is today being defended and promoted more by conservatives. But even more-so, says Greenwald, the more critical divide to be aware of is not between right and left, but between powerholding elites and average citizens.

One more… See posts to a member of a discussion group who was arguing for the materialist theory that the brain produces consciousness, that the meat in our heads produces mind and the wonder of the human self. Sheesh, eh.

Well, one more… Some comment on the Israel/Hamas situation (use of force in defense- legitimate distinctions that matter). Distinctions like lawful war vs war crimes, protecting vs attacking civilians, proportionality, etc. All critical to our primary responsibility to “maintain our humanity in the face of evil”. Also, a good one from Michael Shellenberger on why liberals have abandoned freedom of speech.

An affirmation of the essential goodness of being human, Wendell Krossa (Themes for a new narrative) Read the rest of the opening comment here

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“The root of all evil”. Is it money? No. It’s the “Triad”. You mean, Chinese gangs? Nope. See below…

Section topics:

(1) The best time ever to be alive (report on basic evidence of progress-

(2) IDF soldier, “I was always taught to be human first.”

(3) What does “love your enemy” mean in the face of evil.

(4) The primary responsibility to maintain our humanity at all times, and especially when confronted with the savagery of others.

(5) The muddled thinking of Western intellectuals (inability to make fundamental distinctions between the civilians in Gaza and the indefensible Hamas terrorists).

(6) Psychologists Harold Ellens and Zenon Lotufo on theological beliefs (ideas of God) that incite violence in people. Point? Go to the fundamental beliefs/ideas behind eruptions of hate and violence, notably the animal-like features in humanity’s highest ideal and authority- deity- the features of tribalism, domination, punitive destruction.

(7) Climate alarmism updates (there is no “climate crisis”).

(8) More on the real battle of good against evil (Solzhenitsyn’s point that the real battle of good against evil runs down the center of every human heart).

(10) “I wouldn’t fall for it”. “Good people” oblivious to their support of mass-death movements. Don’t deny the power of bad ideas to deform human consciousness and life.

And much more…

Further on New comment below:

A reposting of the “evil triad” and the real battle of good against evil that takes place inside each of us.

Also, some insights to counter the tribal impulse that has erupted with such intensity today, notably, emphasizing humanity’s fundamental “oneness” as a potent counter to tribalism. Humanity’s oneness means that harm done to others is harm done to oneself.

And then, again, some metaphysical speculation (“spiritual” stuff) to help cope with the hell on earth that too many people experience during their life journey. Explaining, understanding, and affirming hope in a better future.

Site project: Basically, to tell people that its going to be alright, ultimately, for everyone. We are all safe in love, in the end. It’s a “Daddy” thing, reassuring the kids. There is no ultimate monster. In the end, we all return to our true home in an inexpressibly wondrous Love. This is critical to our full understanding of reality and life, to fully informing the meaning and purpose impulses in human consciousness. Read the rest of the opening comment here

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“Love your enemy because God does”- the single most profound breakthrough in theology, overturning all the God theories of religious traditions

These quotes from below…

Love your enemy transforms the very core of human systems of meaning- i.e. our ideas of deity, as our highest ideal and authority. Love of enemy transforms that core ideal entirely.

Unfortunately, that transformed ideal has still not been embraced anywhere in world religions or other human systems of thought or belief. Unconditional deity has still not been permitted to express its consciousness-transforming influence on people. In fact, world religions have buried that great discovery under endless religious conditions.

Paul most egregiously buried it in his highly conditional Christ myth. There is no “love your enemy” God in Paul’s letters. Note, for example, the wrathful deity of Romans demanding the ultimate condition- i.e. the condition of the bloody sacrifice of a cosmic godman to pay for sin- and then threatening ultimate destruction for any who refuse to believe Paul’s Christ myth. Hence, Thomas Jefferson and Leo Tolstoy’s statements that the “diamonds/pearls” of Historical Jesus were buried by Paul’s Christology that dominates the New Testament (the “product of inferior minds”).

“Q Wisdom Sayings” scholar James Robinson got it right that a “love your enemy God”, a non-retaliatory, unconditional deity, was “Jesus’ greatest contribution to the history of human ideas”. That was the very center and core of the teaching of Historical Jesus, his main theme or message. His gospel. As Robinson notes, it was a stunning new break-through in theology that was rejected a generation later by Paul and his Christian movement. Paul retreated back to the retaliatory, conditional deity of all previous primitive mythologies.

See Paul’s direct confrontation and rejection of Jesus’ non-retaliatory God in Romans 12:17-20. Paul retreats to a retaliatory “eye for eye” God in re-affirming his theology as- “Leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay’, says the Lord”.

In the Jesus Seminar book “The Five Gospels”, they point to this issue of a fundamental contradiction between core messages- i.e. that it is entirely contradictory to present Jesus stating “love your enemy” in Matthew 5 (the ultimate statement of love of an enemy), then a few chapters later (Ch.11) claim that he stated that those refusing his miracles and message were condemned to “outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth” (i.e. hell- the ultimate statement of hatred of an enemy). That is an irreconcilable contradiction to claim the same person said such entirely contradictory things.

This contradiction in fundamental messages, between Jesus and Paul, is at the heart of Christianity. No amount of endless defensive apologetics can paper over this basic contradiction between core theologies and messages in the New Testament. Its about the contradiction between non-retaliation and retaliation, non-violence and violence, unconditional and highly conditional, anti-sacrifice and pro-sacrifice, among other issues. Detail in sections and articles below…

Section topics:

(1) “There is no climate emergency”- the conclusion of over 1600 leading climate scientists in the “World Climate Declaration”.

Quote from article summary posted below: “There’s no climate emergency. And the alarmist messaging pushed by global elites is purely political. That’s what 1,609 scientists and informed professionals stated when they signed the Global Climate Intelligence Group’s “World Climate Declaration.”

(2) Some of the highest achievements in life are ethical/moral/spiritual. “Love your enemy” embodies the single most significant human achievement of all. “Love your enemy” takes us to the very heart of what it means to be authentically human, how we achieve human maturity, how we fulfill the hero’s quest and win the inner battle against our inherited monster, our inner enemy that is those inherited impulses to tribal animosity and exclusion of differing others, to domination of others, and to vengeful, punitive destruction of differing, offending others.

“Love your enemy” is the core ethic of the unconditional spirit, the authentically human spirit. Love your enemy offers the most potent solution to end “eye for eye” cycles of vengeance, prevent violence, and shift societies toward a more peaceful future and hence promote human progress toward the better future that we all want. Love your enemy is how we overcome the evil triad of (1) tribal exclusion of differing others (by full inclusion of all), (2) domination of others (by honoring the freedom and self-determination of all others), and (3) punitive destruction of offending others (by unlimited forgiveness and restorative justice).

That this ethic actually works at a societal level- Note that Nelson Mandela’s embrace of “love of enemy” guided his struggle to overcome his African National Congress colleague’s impulse to more aggressively confront their former oppressors. The millions of young South African men who wanted Mandela to lead them in taking vengeance on their oppressors could have erupted into bloody civil war in South Africa around the same time that Serbia and Rwanda rejected love of enemy and descended into the horrific violence of eye for eye vengeance. See “Mandela’s Way” by Richard Stengel. Mandela’s response to his former oppressors was not some form of pacifist “turn the other cheek”. He established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate human rights abuses and hold offenders responsible, but also as a restorative justice response to heal the country.

(3) To embrace of the “lost paradise/apocalypse/redemption” complex of primitive myths is to embrace of the most destructive ideas in history. Evaluate your own worldview to see if these themes are still present and working the varied forms of psychopathology noted by psychologists Harold Ellens and Zenon Lotufo in articles below (see “Cruel God, Kind God” by Lotufo).

(4) Kip Hansen on the fact that cold kills 10 times more people every year than warmth does. This fact renders the alarmist crusade over the mild warming of the past century, absurdly irrational and fraudulent. Where are the news media on cold as the real threat to life? We are still in the coldest period of our Holocene interglacial and on a long-term cooling trend since the end of the Holocene Optimum some 6000 years ago. All life would benefit from the much warmer climate that was the average over the past 500 million years- i.e. 3 to 6 degrees C warmer than today.

(5) The endless repetition of the same old damaging myths. This site notes the historical descent of primitive ideas from ancient mythology, then to world religions, and now embraced in “secular ideologies”, even science.

(6) History’s single most profound insight- “Love your enemy because God does”. This “ethic based on similar theology”, or “behavior based on similar belief”, presents the best of human insight into the nature of ultimate reality- deity. “Love of enemy” takes love to its absolute height in deity as humanity’s highest ideal and authority, to then inspire, guide, and validate authentically human behavior.

(7) Another on the real battle of life- i.e. the inner struggle against the evil triad of our inherited animal impulses to tribal exclusion, domination, and destruction of differing others. This inner battle includes the battle against the inherited ideas that validate our worst impulses, ideas that still dominate our narratives. Unconditional is the potent weapon to win the battle, to slay the monster/enemy inside us. Embracing unconditional love as our highest ideal overturns the worst ideas of the old mythical, religious meta-narratives that we have inherited.

(8) “Superlatives” to get the point across- Deity as no conditions love is about transcendent reality. Something infinitely and inexpressibly better than the best that we can ever imagine with our material brains limited by 3-dimensions and informed by 5 senses.

(9) Paul’s rejection of the unconditional message of Historical Jesus, and his rejection of the unconditional God of Jesus, resulted in the single greatest dissonance in religious history. It left Christianity with the most egregious contradiction in the history of thought/belief at the very heart of the religion and its holy book- the Bible, notably in the New Testament. Paul buried the Jesus insight regarding an unconditional God under his highly conditional Christ myth and that became the highly conditional atonement gospel of Christianity as we know it, a denial of the core message of Historical Jesus. That is a great belief contradiction in the extreme that has resulted in the major cognitive dissonance/disconnect that is lodged at the heart of Christianity.

The messages of Historical Jesus and Paul’s Christian “Jesus Christ” are two entirely different and opposite things.

(10) Jordan Peterson and Christine Brophy (different articles) on “the psychology of Left-wing authoritarianism” as compared with “Right wing authoritarianism”.

(11) Joe Rogan and Bill Maher on the pathology of Woke extremism.

(12) Incarceration, de-carceration- criminal justice issues and data facts.

(13) And some further comment on my “evil triad” of the inherited animal impulses to tribal exclusion, domination of others, and punitive destruction of differing others.

(14) Comment on the natural human fear of death and the human longing for continued existence, negative and positive arguments.

And much more…. Read the rest of the opening comment here

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Our real enemy: The bad ideas that continue to dominate our narratives and incite/validate the worst of our inherited impulses

The “lost paradise/apocalyptic/redemption” complex of ideas that still dominates narratives and consciousness today, in both religious and “secular” versions, distorts entirely the true state of life and the world.

This site offers alternatives to these primitive but persistently enduring mythical themes (enduring because deeply embedded as archetypal in human subconscious from millennia of repetition in human narratives). See “Old Story Themes, New Story Alternatives” below.

Other comment below:

(1) History’s most violent and destructive idea- apocalypse- given new expression in contemporary “secular/ideological” versions like climate alarmism (see Roger Pielke article- “The New Apocalypticism: Climate catastrophe as secular, millenarian prophecy”),

(2) Anthony Watts on mainstream media doubling down on the apocalypse myth- “Major media plan a massive collusion fest to get their stories straight on climate change”,

(Insert note: The totalitarian’s formula has always been a simple one… Fear=control).

(3) Life is getting better all the time: Summary of Julian Simon’s brilliant overview of the true state of life- “Ultimate Resource” (offering the best data for a true narrative of evidence-based hope),

(4) The fraud of “97% scientific consensus”,

(5) A good one on “Concept creep” as over-extending the category of “hate speech” to encompass more and more the formerly legitimate expressions of disagreeing others now as “hate speech”, thereby validating censorship of political/social opponents (criminalizing more things that previously were just differing opinion and speech),

(6) Daniel Hannan on freedom and the liberal abandonment of this critical value (liberals extending elite control of populations into more areas of life that were formerly left to citizen’s free choice),

(Added note on “liberal”- Many of us are still wrapping our minds around the “great shift” that has occurred in our societies, over the past decade, where a good number of those in the sector of the population that formerly self-identified as “liberal” have now become “highly illiberal” as in pro-war, pro-censorship, pro-authoritarian, and more. As some have noted, it is now the conservatives who are mainly defending and promoting Classic Liberalism principles. Who woulda thunk it, eh.

And a new coalition of moderate conservatives, independents, along with moderate liberals, is forming to pushback against the erupting totalitarianism that has been emerging mainly from the left today. Independent journalists- e.g. Glen Greenwald, Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, among others- continue to expose the outlines of this new totalitarianism.)

(7) Sources on wildfires trending down, not becoming worse as media claim,

(8) List of alternatives to the “lost paradise/apocalypse/redemption” complex of myths,

(9) Charles Rotter commenting on Michael Walsh’s “The evil of climate alarmism”, and much more…

Hannan’s comment in the article referenced above, relates to the other article on “Concept creep”, where easily offended people are now trying to criminalize more and more the opinions and speech of others, opinions and speech that were once considered just differing opinions/speech, not “hate speech”. “Easily offended” as in those who now prioritize their feelings as the dominant criterion for deciding what should be permitted speech in public, and because they “feel offended” by other’s differing opinions and speech, they argue that such speech should be censored, banned, even criminalized. Read the rest of the opening comment here

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Probe the root of the problem of alarmism crusades- bad ideas inciting/validating bad behavior

See the excellent research of Bob Brinsmead on the anti-sacrifice stance of Historical Jesus, a position and protest that cost him his life.

From the list of Carl Jung sayings below:

“Man cannot stand a meaningless life.

“Man can endure the hardest trials if he sees meaning in them. The whole difficulty lies in creating that meaning.”

This from Anthony Watts’ site, a report by P. Gosselin of NoTricksZone- “There Is No Climate Crisis”… 1600 Scientists Worldwide, Nobel Laureate Sign Declaration

“1609 signatories recently signed a declaration that states there is no climate crisis, thus casting doubt over man’s alleged role in climate change and extreme weather.”

And… Over past history an active sun has correlated with global warming periods.

Site project: Tackling the climate alarm crusade on this site is just the prelude to going after the archetypes (ideas, themes, impulses) that underly alarmism movements. Climate alarmism is just another “profoundly religious crusade” similar in terms of its core themes to all previous apocalyptic millennial movements across history.

I am more concerned about the deeply embedded themes of the “lost paradise/apocalypse/redemption” complex of myths that have framed human thinking from the earliest mythmaking, through to the era of great world religions, and now continue to shape our narratives in the modern “secular/ideological/scientific” era of human belief systems.

Understanding the basic themes of the “lost paradise/apocalypse/redemption” complex, and their destructive outcomes on human life and society, is critical to finding our way to the better future that we all want.

The basic formula of alarmism movements: Fear=control. And that is how freedom dies.

From Brendan O’Neill’s excellent “A Heretic’s Manifesto”

“(Oxford English Dictionary) notes that between 2018 and 2020 the use of ‘climate crisis’ increased almost 20-fold in public discussion, while the use of ‘climate emergency’ increased 76-fold… (Some cheer) the media’s embrace of the language of catastrophe… Shaping public opinion through the manipulation of language is a key and terrifying theme of our times… the aim is to force us all into the apocalyptic mindset, to coerce us into the realm of doom by making us think less about ‘climate change’ and more about ‘climate chaos, climate disaster, even climate apocalypse’… Dissent becomes all but impossible when such fanatical language is made dominant.”


“(John Milton said), ‘Only by being free to think for ourselves do we become fully human… our faith and knowledge thrives by exercise… To police and shrivel the sphere of public discussion is to frustrate the search for truth itself by hindering and cropping the discovery that might yet be further made…’ Read the rest of the opening comment here

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Paul’s apocalyptic Christ myth- embodying themes that shape alarmism crusades

Keep an eye on this: The next wave of apocalyptic panic-mongering

Alarmist prophets are trying to incite fear over AI (artificial intelligence) as the next great threat bringing on an apocalypse. How do we ensure that AI does not become another ideologically-biased tool for internet censorship? My recommendation- Build Classic Liberal principles and practises into AI. Guidelines that work to protect the freedom and rights of all individuals equally. And to prevent the totalitarian centralization of power in governing elites, as per all collectivism models- distribute power among competing individuals or among competing social institutions (checks and balances against centralizing power and control). And so on… See Daniel Hannan’s great history of Classic Liberalism in “Inventing Freedom”.

Climate alarmism is a “profoundly religious crusade”, the latest historical eruption of apocalyptic “madness of crowds” contagion. It distorts science entirely. Try to understand the archetypal themes driving such crusades. It will make many uncomfortable to realize that the defining themes of highly revered religious icons are largely responsible for inciting and validating such crusades.

Here in the link below is a good response to Bill Rees’ “limited resources” fallacy as presented in his Ecological Footprint model (“limited resources” has been long known as “limited good” in the anthropology of primitive tribal existence). Rees discounts human creativity and problem-solving abilities that overcome all resource limits.

Julian Simon in “Ultimate Resource” explained how human creativity responds to apparent resource shortages. When such a resource shortage appears somewhere then prices of that resource will rise in response to the shortage and that prompts further exploration. With improved technology (e.g. fracking) there will be the discovery of more sources of the scarce resource, or a shift to alternatives to that resource. The usual result is the discovery of ever more abundant sources and subsequently a return to decline in prices of the resource. Human intervention, as in the Biden administration blocking fossil fuel development, can severely distort this process.

The fraudulent use of “ground temperatures” that is driving the current heatwave hysteria:

Note this account of current heatwave hysteria over normal warm summer days as revealing the rising desperation of climate apocalyptics. Alarmists are again trying to panic the public, because surveys reveal growing disillusionment with their endless fear-mongering (i.e. surveys showing declining support for climate alarmism salvation schemes like Net Zero decarbonization).

Apocalyptics have long believed that they must take extreme measures to ensure the onset of the apocalypse when their prophesies of collapse and ending begin to show evidence of failure (the 100% failure rate of apocalyptic across history). Apocalyptics will take desperate measures even if it means destroying the very world that they claim to be saving. Examples of “saving the world by destroying it”: The Xhosa cattle slaughter of 1856-57, also the irrational and destructive decarbonization of today. Add the recent push for an Irish cattle cull and Dutch proposal to close thousands of farms. The Dutch farmers are major contributors to the world food supply.

Apocalyptic mythology distorts the true state of things, it incites the survival impulse and mind-deforming fear and this results in irrational responses in populations- i.e. the embrace of life-destroying salvation schemes as noted above. Read the rest of the opening comment here

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The totalitarian’s useful tool- fear, alarmism

Hang in there… Project continues

We are moving to another area of BC in the near future and that will mean scattered postings here till we settle in there later this summer. Then this site will continue its project to go after and bring down a monster- humanity’s greatest monster/enemy, the monster of “cruel God” mythology, or “threat theology”. This is a continuation of the long-ago project of Historical Jesus to deal a death-blow to that monster with his “stunning new theology” that radically redefined deity as “non-retaliatory, no conditions love”.

Unfortunately, that brilliant and liberating insight of Historical Jesus was then buried by Paul under his retaliatory, apocalyptic Christ myth. The project here is about recovering and honoring the best of Jesus, as contrasted with the worst of primitive ideas that were embraced by Paul- i.e. the “lost paradise/apocalypse/redemption” complex of myths.

In the larger context of human meaning- i.e. the stories that we tell ourselves about reality and life- this is about the core beliefs in our narratives, and the outcomes of our beliefs- good and bad- in terms of impacts on human mind, emotion, motivation, and response/behavior.

And to quote my good friend Bob Brinsmead again- “We become just like the God that we believe in”. Psychologist Harold Ellens and psychotherapist Zenon Lotufo affirm Bob’s comment on the influence of beliefs on human life and society. They present, particularly, the harmful impact of “cruel God/monster God” beliefs on human personality, life, and society (see Lotufo”s book “Cruel God, Kind God”).

Another: This site tackles the “lost paradise/apocalypse/redemption” complex of themes that have, arguably, been the most dominant set of ideas shaping human narratives across history, whether in religious or secular narratives. This complex has most recently shaped the “profoundly religious” climate alarmism crusade. Recognize this complex of themes and that will help you understand the patterns in alarmism crusades where people endlessly fall for the same old, same old “end-of-days” hysteria and try to “save the world by destroying it”. Think Net Zero decarbonization in this regard.

See just below the recent articles by Glen Greenwald, Michael Shellenberger, and Matt Taibbi on the new totalitarianism and censorship that is overwhelming our societies through the Woke Progressivism crusade.

The totalitarian’s use of fear– a most potent weapon to control people, to herd them into destructive salvationism. Wendell Krossa

Be aware of what is happening across the public realm today, that apocalyptic mythology continues to function as “the most violent and destructive idea in history”- Arthur Mendel in “Vision and Violence”.

Apocalyptic narratives have been repeatedly used to alarm populations, incite people’s survival impulse, and thereby render people susceptible to totalitarian “salvation” schemes. No one wants to die. Especially not those 56% of young people worldwide who now think humanity is doomed (see world survey in link below). Read the rest of the opening comment here

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Site project: Counter alarmism hysteria with evidence-based hope…

New material is coming… We are currently in the process of moving to another region of our province and that is time-consuming… travel days to look for a house, making offers in a hot housing market with little inventory (due to restrictive municipal bylaws preventing densification of housing, among other factors), losing bids and needing to start all over again…

But I will eventually continue the basic project of this site to probe the primitive mythical ideas behind alarmism movements like climate apocalyptic. The ideas/beliefs of apocalyptic movements incite unnecessary fear in people and render them susceptible to irrational salvation schemes like Net Zero decarbonization. We have much better alternative views on the true state of our world that provide sound evidence-based hope that life is overall improving and not declining toward some catastrophic collapse and ending.

The climate alarmism crusade has too often crossed the threshold of rationality into the realm of irresponsible panic-mongering that is harming people with unnecessary fear, anxiety, shame/guilt, despair, depression, and even violence (i.e. deforming the natural impulse to engage a hero’s journey to fight some righteous battle against evil/monsters). Note below a recent post on on how climate hysteria harms chilren…

New material just below: The critical behavior/belief coupling (Historical Jesus got it right, finally, but Paul, with his Christ myth, then buried the critical breakthrough insight and main theme of Jesus). And the big Switcheroo (Democrats/liberals now embracing McCarthyism). Also, “Manufacturing monsters to alarm populations who will then surrender to irrational salvation schemes”.

Keep informed: How alarmism crusades try to “save the world” by destroying it. The inevitably destructive outcomes of “lost paradise/apocalypse/redemption” narratives, whether religious or “secular/ideological”.

The ancient validation coupling: Validating behavior by basing it on similar belief, Wendell Krossa

Summary: Historical Jesus (the one who is opposite to Christian “Jesus Christ”) used the “behavior based on similar belief” pairing to present his stunning new breakthrough insight- “the single most profoundly humane insight ever presented to humanity”- his “stunning new theology of a non-retaliatory God”, an insight that revolutionized theology. His insight absolutely revolutionized humanity’s highest ideal and authority over the millennia- deity. Paul then rejected that core insight and retreated to the primitive retaliatory theology of all past mythology. He retreated to the barbaric primitivism that has darkened and deformed human consciousness since the beginning.

Four thousand-plus years ago, two millennia before Jesus, an Akkadian Father had offered the single most humane ethical insight that humanity had discovered to that point in time. He urged his son to not retaliate against his enemies but instead to be kind to his enemies. His advice on non-retaliatory response toward offenders/enemies was a proto-version of the later “love your enemy” precept.

His words: “Do not return evil to your adversary; requite with kindness the one who does evil to you, maintain justice for your enemy, be friendly to your enemy… Do not speak ill, speak only good. Do not say evil things, speak well of people….”

But the Akkadian father did not make the full breakthrough on the belief side of the “behavior/belief” coupling that has always been foundational to human meaning and life. In his statement he re-affirmed the pagan ideal of threatening deity (threat theology) in urging his son to make a sacrifice to his god- “Sacrifice and pious utterance are the proper accompaniment of incense… this is proper toward a god…” Read the rest of the opening comment here

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Shellenberger: The growing threat of Woke totalitarianism

See the good post from Bob Brinsmead, below, on the contradiction in both the Old and New Testaments between the priests (pro-sacrifice) and the prophets (anti-sacrifice). Also new below- links to MMA star Chael Sonnen’s interview re his promotion of “bad guy narratives” in the UFC. Also, a personal update note on my experience with aggressive, metastatic prostate cancer over the past 9 months. And more on the inevitable human speculation on metaphysical realities, something done by both religious/spiritual types and materialist/atheist types. We all share that primal impulse to meaning.

Also below, a reposting of Ira Glasser’s comments on the critical need to protect free speech, even offensive/repugnant speech, as fundamental to all freedom. He points to the key issue in the free speech debate- “Who gets to decide what is ‘hate speech’?” So also, this must be put to the “disinformation” crusaders of today- “Who gets to decide what is ‘disinformation/misinformation’?” In the highly tribalized atmosphere of today these categories are being used to validate censorship of the speech of disagreeing, differing others. The disinformation crusade is becoming just another eruption of the totalitarianism impulse, once again. And the stunner- it is mostly coming from the “liberal” side of society, from those we not long ago considered to be the main defenders of inclusion, diversity, freedom and equality for all. What happened?

And, more revised reposting of comment on the Woke social contagion that has tsunamied across Western societies- i.e. minorities claiming that their hurt/offended feelings must be the determining standard for the permissible views, speech, and actions of all others in our societies. And comment on the abandonment of common love in this extremist Woke Progressive crusade.

Read this for your life, for your future

From Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag, “World On Cusp Of Woke Totalitarianism As Governments Act To End Freedom Of Speech: Media blackout as politicians in EU, US, UK, Brazil, Ireland, Canada, and Australia seek to jail citizens for wrongthink under cover of a Big Lie about ‘hate speech’”, May 3, 2023

Quotes from link above:

“The Twitter Files gave us a window into how government agencies, civil society, and tech companies work together to censor social media users. Now, key nations are attempting to enshrine this coordination into law explicitly.

“Around the world, politicians have either just passed or are on the cusp of passing sweeping new laws, which would allow governments to censor ordinary citizens on social media and other Internet platforms.

“Under the guise of preventing “harm” and holding large tech companies accountable, several countries are establishing a vast and interlinked censorship apparatus, a new investigation by Public finds.

“Politicians, NGOs, and their enablers in the news media claim that their goal is merely to protect the public from “disinformation.” But vague definitions and loopholes in new laws will create avenues for broad application, overreach, and abuse…. Read the rest of the opening comment here

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Learn more, fear less.

Section topics:

Summary facts to counter climate alarmism narratives;

The real enemy of humanity, the real hero’s quest to slay a monster- the monstrous mythology of apocalyptic declinism;

Core themes of lost paradise/apocalyptic/redemption mythology (the ideas and impulses);

Patterns in apocalyptic alarmism movements;

Did you really leave your religion? (The endless regurgitation of mythical themes in newer “secular/ideological” versions);

The true state of life on earth- data on main indicators;

And more… Read the rest of the opening comment here

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How we became the good/bad beings that we are today.

Section topics:

(1) Comment on “lost paradise/redemption” mythologies;

(2) The transition from animal to human (inherited impulses and validating ideas, what has hindered the full transition to human, what hinders the full liberation from our animal past);

(3) Unconditional as the potent weapon to slay the inherited animal monster;

(4) Climate alarmism is not a scientific narrative;

(5) What lies beneath- the primitive mythology of “apocalyptic millennialism” behind climate alarmism;

(6) Applying the unconditional ideal- its not dogmatic pacifism, it never avoids taking personal responsibility for the consequences of behavior;

(7) Democrats locked in a reality-distorting bubble, the new authoritarianism of Woke racism- US liberalism has become “highly illiberal” by embracing collectivism approaches that deny/ignore individual differences (i.e. viewing people in terms of groups, and condemning entire groups by skin color, and ignoring individual uniqueness and differences);

And more climate news, along with other comment…

Offering better alternatives to shape meta-narratives

This site does not ‘tear down’ without also offering something to build up- i.e. better alternatives to replace the worst stuff that we have inherited from our ancestors. In sections below, I have listed better alternative ideas to the worst pathologies/myths that we have inherited.

Note especially “Explaining reality and life: The worst and best ideas that we have come up with” (i.e. “Inherited bad myths and better alternatives”). This points to the greatest liberation movement ever- the liberation of human consciousness/subconscious at the deepest levels of thought, emotion, motivation, and response/behavior, at the level of embedded archetypes (archetypes as our fundamental impulses and the related ideas/myths that validate the impulses).

The “true state of life on Earth”…

When all is said and done- hope is re-affirmed by the best evidence on the true state of life. Life on Earth is not heading to hell in a handbasket. Contrary to the apocalyptic Declinism mythology that dominates most narratives and many minds today, life is not declining toward something worse. Fundamental human goodness and creativity has lifted humanity out of a dark place and set us on a trajectory of improvement and progress toward a much better future, notably over the past few centuries.

But the threats are everywhere and must be guarded against and responded to. Note one of the greatest threats to human progress today as outlined in this good report on the “disinformation” crusade that is undermining our freedom and liberal democracies- “A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century: Thirteen ways of looking at disinformation” by Jacob Siegel…

Read the rest of the opening comment here

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